Monday, June 23, 2008

Two fawns

Saw these this last weekend.

Back roads

I took the mountain bike for a ride tonight. Hit a couple roads that I have not been on yet this year. Put 22.5 miles on the Anthem.

These are some trap's they have out down here to study the Gypsy Moth to see where they are invading. These traps are everywhere around here.

First time down this trail this year. I like this one, but they close it during the spring and when ever it is too wet. This trail is about 5 miles long.

This is another one that I have rode in the past....not this year. Turned around after a half mile and it wasn't getting any better.
Left over tire from a logging job.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cabin ride

Rode back from the cabin today...but took no pictures. It rained on me three times in 31 miles. I took the shortest route back while still staying on blacktop roads to avoid hitting more of the rain. The wind was strong and I was right into it most of the time. Had the IPOD the drops...and trying to make time.

A date

My wife, Janice and I did a nice 17 mile loop today at the cabin. This is the best area that I have found to ride, although I may be biased. From hilly to rolling hills and very low traffic...smooth roads for the most part. I just think it's a great place to ride.

Saw this adult White tail doe standing along the road eating. I could not believe it stood long enough for me to take a picture. It was still there when we rolled on.

Trying to keep up to Janice. She is getting a head start, plus faster as the year goes on.

These two fawns were just before the road to our cabin. We did not see ma ma, but you can bet she was not far off.

The finishing stretch...almost done...FUN Riding...with good company.

Wind, WIND and more W I N D

Waited for the rain and thunder storms to pass, then rode the road bike to our cabin. There was a strong headwind, but I knew that before I left.

Half the way there, I had to ride state highway 77 for a few miles. Wasn't too bad as most of it has a good shoulder, about 18 to 24 inches, although the last two miles that I rode tonight did not.

Saw this little snapping turtle looking to increase the population...looking to deposit some eggs.

This is Pear Lake on highway 77. There is a nice climb riding along side this lake.

All in all it was a nice ride. Put on 38 miles and a lot of it against the wind.

Friday, June 20, 2008

June 19

No ride today, but worked on a 1975 Schwinn Continental that I am trying to get fixed up enough to ride again. I rescued it from a scrap heap a couple years ago and am just now getting around to working on it. I had already repainted it and now I put the front fork back on, front brake and wheels also. I will post some pics of it later.

June 18 2008, Giving it a go

Going to give this blog stuff a try for a while. Will try to keep it short with a few pics now and then . Nothing to serious.

Took a half day vacation today and took the mountain bike for a ride. Rode some fire roads and back country "rut roads". Nice easy ride along with stopping to snap a few photos. There seemed to be a lot of Whitetail deer moving about. On one of the rut roads, I could hear a fawn calling for ma ma. It was in a panick. Ended up riding about 27 miles.