Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Janice and I rode a bakers dozen on the tandem tonight before the rain. I think we will be riding the tandem in the MS150 this year, so we have to get some time on it and work out any bugs. Speaking of bugs, they were really thick before the rain started.

CAUTION: rant ahead on to other bugs, creepy slimy lower than dirt bugs. While looking to put pictures up last week, Janice said to me "Don't put that one in there. It shows my big butt." Well you know what, people that judge others by the size of their butt, or color of their hair and what ever else may not meet their own so called standard...are ASSHOLES...and I do not give a rats ass what they think. They would do good to keep their mouth shut as to not let other people see their intelligence, although I realize that is very tough for them. I know one of these people that has recently showed his true colors, for which I thank him, so that I waste no more time on him.

Arrogance is a weed that grows mostly on a dunghill.

A wonderful ride tonight with the love of my life. You just wait...we will be fast this year.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Friendly Ride

I went for a nice spin with a friend tonight. He is a stronger rider than I am, but he humors me and lets me ride along. I mentioned before about trying to get guys together for a one night a week ride...this was the one guy that you could rely on. He has semi-relocated, so it was nice to get back together for a ride. We met at Carlton, Mn for a 30 mile ride on the bike paths. It was a good time with the last 8 miles into a very strong wind. Good time as always on the bike.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting ready for take off.

Janice and I went for a nice mountain bike ride. We rode some two track and some fire roads out by the Crotty Brook Trail. Words can't say how much fun that is for me...mountain biking as a couple. We did not go to the Ironman this year. We had decided to do the 30 mile ride on the tandem because Janice has a bum knee. When we were cutting firewood a couple weeks ago, she tripped because of a whole in the ground. She has been to the Doc's to have it thoroughly inspected....MRI and Orthopedic doc. She has the green light to ride, but needs to ease back into it. So that being said, burning that much fuel...350 mile ride 30 miles in lousy weather with the threat of hail damage did not make much sense to me. So, we stayed home this weekend and golfed, biked and dined out. I will say again, what a great ride we made. We had to walk a couple little stretches...added to the fun.

This was a spot where I thought we may have had to turn around, but the trail was raised enough to make it not bad.

This is just before the trail comes out on the fire road
I never tried to talk Janice into know, bad knee and all.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Auto work

I have spent the last two evenings working on the car. I installed new brakes and struts. The back rotors were warped bad, but the pads still had life yet...although not much. Next will be plugs and wires.

It is looking like we will get some rain and we need it bad around here. Very dry. Extreme fire danger. We have had what they call a red flag alert the last few days. I do not know all the specifics, but humidity, wind, amount of moisture lately and temperature are some of the factors I am sure.

Proverb says...A fair-weather friend changes with the wind.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Metric Day

I wanted to get some saddle time in before the Mn Ironman bicycle ride in Lakeville Mn next Sunday so I took the OCR for a ride. I fought the wind for the first 32 miles and then had a nice wind at my back for the ride home. I expanded the YMT ride to make it a metric century ride. I will call this one the Y M T Metric option. It is a very nice ride, but expect a total of maybe a mile of gravel. It is not bad gravel as it is just a few sections on Kingsdale Road. I rode it with 700c x 25 Michelin Pro race...completely smooth, no tread...and had no trouble what so ever. The other Giant OCR I ride has 700 x 23 Pro Race and I would not be afraid to ride that across the gravel either. It ended up to be 65 miles and it took me 4 hours with 2 stops of about 5 minutes each. I think riding the fixed gear has changed my riding habits some, as I noticed less coasting on the downhills. I surprised at the amount of whitetails out and about...Lots. All around great ride, but most rides are. Church at Cozy Corner

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We have tried for three years to get a weekly ride where I work...after work on Wednesday. Just about impossible. On a good night, maybe four guys and that is rare. So, tonight I rode the weekly myself again. Good part about that is I was able to ride around home. I rode the Little Bigger Circle ride on the fixed gear with the temperature about 70 degrees with a southerly wind....perfect. I also set a new speed record on the fixed, 29.5 mph with a cadence of 155. I really have not been trying set any record, but I think with proper timing on the hills, I could increase that further. I also worked on the aluminum OCR. I basically started over with the front derailleur. I loosened it up, aligned it, set the cable and adjusted the limits. It appears to be working well now and we will see the next time I get it out. On a side note, while working the bike I witnessed my first mosquito of the year.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big Ring Nite

With temps in the low 60's and a northerly wind, I rode the Little Circle ride. Stayed in the big ring, and tried to hammer the hills. It was a very nice ride topped off with chocolate cake our daughter made for dessert...yum,yum.

Monday, April 13, 2009


On yesterdays Y M T Ride, I came across this. I thought about not putting in here, but then what the hell. Beyond this sign, and many other area roads similar to this one, lies what I think is some of the best riding there is. They are closed this time of year to let them dry. When the roads get driven on this time of year==RUTS...not smooth. This road is 8 miles long and this person drove the entire length of it.
Then with wet muddy tires...lite'em up...smoke them tires

ooopp's...lost control...hang on

Is this karma???
I hope they did not get hurt.
I know I have committed many, for lack of a better word...stupid...moves in my time. So lets hope who ever did this, learned something.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Ride 2009

I went for a nice ride on the aluminum OCR today. I rode the Y M T Ride, about 50 miles and fought the wind most of the day. I snapped a few pictures and will not talk much. Below is a pic of a bridge crossing the Moose River that was turned into an ex-bridge during the spring thaw

St Croix River

Cool drive way guards.

Keeping an eye on me.

I think they can see the Hi-Vis color well

Looks like a prehistoric guarding the cutting

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I was taking a road bike for the first time this season on a longer ride yesterday...75 miles never happened. I took the aluminium OCR, went 6 miles down the road and something did not seem right. When I soft pedaled it was tight and the chain would skip. I turned around and headed it back for home. I looked at it this morning and found one of the idler chain wheels was mostly froze wonder that trainer was so much work. I went through it this morning and it is all good now.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I rode the fixed gear 35 miles to Spooner this afternoon. I went by two of the same lakes I rode by on Sunday...Sunday had ice....Thursday no ice on either one. That my friends, is a good thing. Last Sunday they were still ice fishing on another nearby lake. I did not ride by that one, but it would be interesting to see how much ice is on that one today. Oh, I almost forgot...Some golf courses are open. I passed this old semi trailer parked in a farm field. It brought back memories from way back. My grandparents did not drive, so my mother would take my grandparents to the Red Owl in Spooner to do their...and our grocery shopping. My aunt worked as a cashier there, and back then just like many people now, she lost her job when it closed. I do not remember when it closed, but I know it was in the 60's when we used to go there. Are there any Red Owl stores left?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nice Quiet Evening Ride

It was a very nice quiet ride on the fixed gear this evening. A 22.5 mile ride and at about 2 miles in to the ride, I heard my first Spring Peeper of the year...a.k.a....frog. That is always cool to hear those for the first time of the year. Then at about mile 6, I saw two Sandhill Cranes. I watched them for a little while...more coolness. I also saw some deer, turkey, geese, ducks and swans. Spring Peepers making noise here...Most of their body freezes in the winter. They must be starting to thaw, although this is the only place I heard them tonight.

This Jack Pine was planted last year. These have white paper on the tops. This is called bud capping and is done to protect them from Whitetail Deer browsing. They have been known to decimate some plantings. It generally runs about $40 more an acre to plant this method.

Sandhill Cranes

Theses birds are huge. The male wingspan can be up to 7 feet.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Windy Cabin Ride

After Janice and I got back from the Person Lake Tandem ride yesterday, we were sitting around debating what to do with the rest of the late afternoon. She wasn't up to more riding. I was noticing the wind howling through the trees. Got me thinking...sure is a favorable wind for a ride to the cabin. She said if I wanted to ride down there, she would pick me up. She didn't have to twist my arm...much. I was out the door, on the fixed gear and on my way. The first 25 miles weren't too bad with the wind helping most of the time...just a few spots where it wasn't. All told, the first 25 could not be much better. Then came the last 9 miles...different story there, with some of it right in to the teeth of the wind. I was doing my best to keep my average up, but it dropped in those last miles. It took me a shade over 2 hours of riding time and averaged 16.9 miles for the 34 miles. I was on the fixed gear, so I went to The Fixed Gear site Doug the MN Bicycle Commuter turned me onto. I wanted to figure my cadence. If I did it right, 38 x 16 gears, my average cadence was 89 revs per minute. I thought it was going to higher, but even so, that's good for me I'm sure. I do not why I even figure that shit out. I just get out there, and the next thing I know, I am watching that computer. If the computer wasn't there, I know I would be watching my watch. That is what a watch is watch, right? It is really kinda old guy figuring out that crap...but no one ever told me I wasn't dropped on my head, so I don't know any better. I stopped once on the way down at the Namekagon river. The spring run is full on.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Person Tandem Ride

We didn't get out yesterday but did get a couple loads of firewood cut. We had company after that and ended up working in the garage that evening, so yesterday was a wash for biking. But, we did get out for a tandem ride this afternoon. We rode the Person Lake Ride, sun shining, in the low 40's and the wind was a blow'in. It was short, but a nice ride.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

We went for a tandem ride this evening. It was +40 degrees and an all around great ride. It is fun to get out on the tandem. We rode the Little Circle route at 15.5 miles and hammered it good. We put the Selle An-atomica saddles on before we left and I had to do some fine tuning. They work well for Janice and I both.

Just us modeling the tandem. Never you mind the shirt hanging out.

Modern technology...Our daughter called checking on supper. I try to bring the phone with all the time. It would be a long walk if something should go wrong out here. If a person was hurt, the next question would be....Service????? Maybe have to drag yourself for a while...or hope a car comes along, and they were far few between tonight...3 cars total.