Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow and Cold...but Fun

 Hey hey hey, a ride with temps above the 0°F mark. 

 A little lake I rode by on todays ride.  The lakes have a very deep layer of snow on them.  I am hearing that it is deep enough this year to possibly have an effect on the fish. When the snow depths get high on the lake, it cuts the amount of sunlight that gets through.  Not enough sunlight getting through means the oxygen levels falls and that in turn affects the fish.  

 A lone snowmobile track down the powerline.  A case could be made that this winter has been rather chilly, but with all the snow, I think it has been a good year for the sleds. 

 I see there are few ice shanties showing up on the local lakes.

I have been riding mostly township roads today...and they are perfect!!

I decided to blog today only to show off a gift I received in the mail yesterday!!  Fantastic!  As much as I like winter biking, I would like to playing that hole right now...and that ain't no lie!

Another shaky one handed cell phone video loaded up.

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!

Thanks for reading and comments!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Any Day is a Good Day on the Bicycle

 It was nice to get out for a couple hours today.  The temperature was a very nice 8°F...that is 8 above fahrenheit.  Sun out!!  Very little wind!!  Awesome!!  The bike is a size large.  As you can see in the picture above, we have some snow this year. If I am only going to be out a couple hours in the colder temps, I carry the water bottle pictured on the bike.  I fill it with warm water and it doesn't freeze in that amount of time.  Must stay hydrated...a must. 

 I started to ride some recreation trail, but I didn't get too far and met a couple snowmobiles. On the weekend the snowmobile traffic picks up considerably, so I decided to bail at the next road.  It didn't hurt my feelings as the conditions were not the best on the trail. It was doable though.

 That put me on to the town roads.  They were excellent!!

 I was the first track across the road pictured above.  They did a very nice job.  Groomed perfectly. hehe

It was nice to see some dirt, even if it was frozen.

Even though they are of poor quality, I am loading the videos I have taken with the phone on the Youtube.  I may invest in a action camera.  I am thinking a Gopro. As always, Thank you for reading and also a shout out to those who take the time to comment. It is great to hear that some people still check the blog out.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Old Fashion Winter

I haven't posted in very long time, so I thought I would load up a quick one tonight.

This had been what a lot of people from our region are calling an old fashion winter. I guess for some reason or another, we think this is what the winters of old were.  I do know this much, our media, whether knowingly or not, promotes weather fear.  It may be that is what sells.  Anyhow, back to our winter. Our snow level is butt hole deep to a Giraffe.  We have had several days this winter that the high temperature for the day hasn't gotten above the 0°F mark. I heard rumors of 14 days in December alone, plus a few have come in January.  And lows around the -30°F.  Then we have had piles of snow this year also. So has been winter this year.  My lovely daughter snapped this picture above that was from a day where our morning temp was -28° and it didn't come close to 0 that day.  Note...I do wear goggles with these cold temperatures.  

I snapped this picture of a bald eagle.  The conditions were not the greatest for snapping this picture, but I wanted to load it up. So I did.

This was a video I took from that cold day ride.  We had a warm spell these last few days, but I didn't get out for a ride.  I worked on vehicles, researched and shopped for some supplies we are going to need.

Lets get outdoors and have some FUN!!