Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Gravel

 Today had me riding some local gravel.  The roads are in excellent bicycling conditions. 

 The colors are nice also.

 This little road leads into a wetland area called Moose Fork Flowage.

 This is part of that wetland.

 This was the lunch spot today.  As of late, my riding has been around the noon hour, so I have been packing a peanut butter and honey on wheat. It's a good lunch.

 Met my first car at the 25.80 mile mark today.  Took me by surprise, as I recognized the vehicle and haven't a clue what would bring him so far in the bush.
I rode today on my Giant Anthem mountain bike. I have also rode this same route on the fixed gear along with the cross bike at other times.  The mountain bike is still my favorite for gravel.  It may not be as fast, but I am in no hurry and I am fond of this bike. Whether on the MTB trails or on the gravel like today, it rides and shifts like a dream.
 My less than $100 camera doesn't give nature its do.

For those that are near and may want to ride what I think is an ideal mostly gravel loop...todays ride had me on the Crotty Brook to the Holmes Camp Rd to M to Jackson Box to Jackson Box Grouse Rd to Bounty Rd to M to West Crotty to Crotty and back on the West Mail.  From the Scotts bridge on West Mail Rd, the total distance is just over 35 miles.  Of that 31 is gravel and 4 on quiet blacktop. 

I do appreciate the good folks who visit rlove2bike.
Thank You!

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sanity Validated

 I was out for a nice ride this afternoon.  Fall colors are on the way here in Northern Wisco. 

 It was a bit windy here today, so just to add some validity to some that know me and question my sanity, I rode just over twenty miles one way against the wind to ride a road I hadn't bicycled before. That should make them feel better.

 This was the road.  To give them even more ammo for questioning my sanity, it's just over a mile long.   hehe

 But for me it paid off, as found this little lake access I never knew existed.  It looks like a great place to cool off in the mid-summer heat. I had driven this road by auto a few times, but didn't see this gem.  The bicycle pays off again.

There were a lot of Woolly Bear caterpillars out today.  Sure sign of fall.  They say these can predict the winter.  Something about counting the segments of brown.  If the brown segments are over one third...ah who knows.  Just folklore.

HEY...somebody mowed the airport. No planes here today though.

Lets get outside and have some fun!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Smack Down Plug

 This past weekend we had a baptism for our son and his daughter in waters of Deer lake.  I decided to ride down and back.  It is a 31 mile one way trek by road bike as I like to stay on blacktop.  It was a good ride both ways.  Fall in the air.  A little wind.  Very little traffic.  All adds up to some great riding.  

 A resurfacing company must have had a special running this summer.  Several of the local roads have been worked on.  They coat the road with some sort of tar.

 After the tar, these little pebbles go down.  One must be careful while riding this stuff.  It will not be bad after it is all set up and the extra little rocks are off the roadway, but for now, watch it.  Especially on the corners.  

 Nice to still see some water in the little potholes that dot the area.

The leaves, they are a changing.  Which means it is time for
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One can not win unless one enters.

Lets get outside and have some fun!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Great Day

 It is getting that time of year here in the north of Wisconsin.  Those who claim they know say the leaves will change and drop fast this year because of the recent drought we have been in.  I am thinking they are right. 

 I know it has been a while so I thought I drop some pictures and a little narrative about the ride today.  Everything from canoeing to hiking to vacationing to spending time at the cabin and still getting in the miles on the bike has made the summer go very quickly.  

 The ride today had me riding through what the locals call the Bird Sanctuary.  This is an area of about 4000 acres that is managed for sharp-tailed grouse.   

 The wind can blow here.

 My wife and I meet for lunch often and today it was here.  

 She usually stops at a local cafe, Kd's Family Restaurant, and picks up a special of the day and we split it.  I don't know how anybody can eat a whole one for lunch.  This is slightly more than half.  Food pictures are good. Aren't they?  And after all, it was a 31 mile ride. was me...with my typical go fast hair cut.  hehehe

 New blacktop for a short ways on the North Flowage road.

 When I came by here it reminded of good friend that drove off this corner years ago.  He made a nice little path into the woods and was fine, but the real nice mid 60's Buick Riviera didn't fair so well.  

 Cross the water and through the bush from here it is about 2 miles home.  Seeing how I am a mere mortal I needed to take the road...13 miles around the west end.

 I crossed paths with the North Country Trail a few times today.  It is a gem stretching 4600 miles across seven states.  I feel lucky to live close to this.
 These poor flowers were hanging on for dear life in the wind today. 

 A new bridge crossing the Moose River for the North Country Trail.  

Here I sat reflecting on just how great life is.
Thank you all for reading!

Lets get outdoors and have some FUN!!

PS...If read this Road...I am signed up.