Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Good Friday!

Happy Good Friday

 I was out earlier this week for a short bikepacking. I rode the fat-tire on road conditions pictured above.  It was a rough couple days with a heavy wind...mostly against me.

 I have learned that I need to invest in some proper racks.  Although with everything loaded on the back is doable, it is far far from ideal. I have panniers, but no racks made for the fat-tire.

 We didn't get much snowpack this year, so there isn't much water running in the Sheosh Creek. Many years it overflows the banks plus some.  Not this year.

 A rare good spot of road, still soft. Good thing for 4" tires. hehehe

 A picture of some woodpecker holes.

 This was my second night in the Hennessy Explorer hammock. I tried setting it up differently this time leaning more to the hang calculator method. It will not happen again. I will go back to the original hang I used, which for me is upper chest high and tight.  The temp got down to around the 25° mark. The Jacks R Better Mount Washington 4 under quilt worked very well. 

 I am glad I was able to have a fire. Severe fire danger is now in effect.

 When I arrived at this campsite, the area was littered with spent ammo. I picked the ones up I spotted and put them on this sign. The person or persons responsible for this is an idiot or are idiots...oooops, I didn't mean to offend idiots. They shot up this sign and ruined it. They shot in an unsafe direction as they could not have possibly known what was behind where they shot. They filled many of the few remaining White Pines with lead.  These are people that should not own firearms.

 It was nice to be able sit around the fire listening to the nearby river rapids.

 The position of the moon was an added bonus on this trip.

Road conditions like above made this trip memorable and fortunately all the miles were not like this. That is a good thing.  But the roads were very soft from the recent rain along with the frost coming out of the ground. 

I loaded the above video on to my YouTube channel and will share it here. 

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!

Thanks for reading, watching and any comments you may have.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Welcome Spring Ride

Welcome Spring Ride

For me, today was the first day of 2015 riding a full on road bike.  Earlier I was spending a lot of time on the Fat-tire, but lately my time has been on the studded up fixed gear. So that means, today felt really good to be on a road bike with 700 x 25c tires running 115 psi. on all most bare blacktop.  There were just a couple spots that some ice and I was able to skirt through those sections.

I started out by riding 13 miles into a stiff wind. The weather forecast called for 10mph and it was all of that. The temperature when I left today said 44 and by the time I returned home it was near 60°F.  If you notice the picture of the bicycle has the back rack bag fully extended...well that would be because I totally screwed up the clothing today. Overdressed is an understatement on this days ride. We are expecting warm weather for the next week or so. Our snow pack has taken a hit and it will not be long and it will be gone...for now.  I am sure we will get some more.   

 I stopped today at a bridge crossing the Totogatic River.  Even though it is a very pretty spot, I normally don't stop here because it is a nice hill coming down and of course that means...a hill going up the other side. I plan on stopping more often.

 Making the stop here is worth the loss of momentum. I am not in race anyhow.
 I wonder which spelling is correct. hehehe
 The WI Stewardship program recently purchased 262 acres along the river for the benefit of keeping the river area undeveloped...aka "wild" That very same stewardship program is on Gov. Walkers chopping block.  I am happy they got this one and hope some more can be had.  I am all for acquiring land and the development of  bicycle and hiking trails.

 Careful...It is a dangerous intersection. Bad intersection! 

I saw many deer today. I should have counted them. I didn't, but I would say at least 20.

Above is a YouTube video I shot of the ride. Nothing special as I just winged it here.  I am going to have to start planning these vids a little better.

Thanks for reading, watching and any comments you may have.

Get outdoors and have some fun!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Riding Wascott

Riding Wascott

 I got out for a ride today during the snow and slight warm-up.  It was 20°F when I left with blowing snow flurries.  A little colder when returned home with the wind getting stronger. We received about 1.5" to 2" of powder fluff snow.  All in all, it was a great day to get out. 

 Even though I was only out about two hours, I packed a sandwich and had lunch in the great outdoors. 

 Our local townships plow a lot of the back roads.  This makes for some incredible winter bicycling. I encourage everyone to get out and use them.  Even if one just drives to one of the roads and walks.  They are great in the winter.  And, even if you do meet any vehicles, NO Dust!!

Obilitory bike picture!

I am loading a video above this paragraph. For some reason, the videos I load on the blog sometimes do not work on tablets and cellphones. They seem to be alright with the computer. I have looked around, but haven't figured a solution as of yet.  If anybody knows, please feel free to comment and let me know.

Thank you for reading/watching and any comments you may have.

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Crotty Ride


 Welcome back!!  I was out today and thought I would load a blog. It was a very nice 3 hours spent in the wilderness of northern WI.  I will put a video at the end with a link to to my YouTube channel. I haven't added much there lately either, but that is where most of my posts this fall went. Please feel free to visit my rlove2bike YouTube channel and hit the Subscribe button...(I think right under the video on the left side) I want to say I do not monetize the blog or the YouTube.  I load it up for fun. Anyway, I pretty much say things in the video that doesn't get typed out here.

 The whitetail deer have been having some good eating with the low snow cover.  There were a lot of places like this in the big oak woods that were really dug up from them eating the acorns.

 Lunch spot today...natural organic peanut butter on 12 grain bread.

 I did not ride this swampy area today, but I have rode many places like it.  With the snow we have now, it is great fun to explore these areas with fat-tire bikes.

The recent warm January temps have brought water to the surface in some swamps.

Above is the video I mentioned in the beginning, A Crotty Ride

Lets get outdoors and have some FUN!!

Thanks for reading/watching and I appreciate any comments you may have.