Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Yum Yumm

 Thought I would stop by the blog and load up a couple pictures from the last few days.  The above picture was from this last Sunday riding across the bird sanctuary located near Gordon, WI.

 This was from Saturdays ride taken near the Moose River.

 This picture was taken on Sundays ride looking upstream on the Moose.

 AND...the above picture is in the same place as the one above this one.  Does that make sense?  I hope so.  It is another Moose picture.  Sunday to Tuesday...big difference. Spring is on its way.

 The Sheosh. 

Tuesdays ride had me sitting and having lunch along Douglas County highway M.   With the temp near 50, the southern facing bank made it feel much warmer.  I could have easily taken a nap.  What was for lunch?  I am glad you ask, because it was delicious.  Natural organic peanut butter, homemade cranberry jelly and multi grain bread...yum yum!! 

Lets get outdoors and have FUN!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


 Just some pictures and a quick blog. 

 Three pairs of critters in this picture...that we can see.

 Yep speed bump ahead and I kid you not, at the end of this row of trees, I took a digger. The only one of the day fortunately. I blame the speed bump! Even if it is under a couple feet of snow.

 This is the island below the Gordon Dam. There is a video of this on my facebook page.

 Upstream from the dam.  

 I rode a lot of snowmobile trail today.

 The recreational trails had a lot of ruts and under the recent little snow event was ice. SO, that made it for some sketchy riding today.  I stopped to let out some air.  I had recently had them pumped to 15lbs riding the back roads. I dropped them to 8 and that helped a lot, but probably should have gone lower.     

 Great day and no one on the trails...but me!

 It was nice to see some bare ground on a southern facing bank.  I decided to eat up half my lunch here.

 Man...what great fun!

 It is getting on to about 12:30 and the trails are starting to get a little soft in spots.

 Anyone who has been around Gordon as a youngster knows this spot!!

A couple Whitetails.  I think there were more a little farther back in the bush. I was out for 3 hours 35 minutes and it was fantastic!

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!