Saturday, October 30, 2010

Auto Trouble

We were heading over to ride the CAMBA trails, but the Ranger didn't want to cooperate.  The motor was running like crap, so I decided we had better turn around.  I checked it over on the side of the road and couldn't find anything obvious, so we headed back home.  We stopped at Solon Springs Parts City and purchased and installed new plugs and wires...and...all is good now, but no CAMBA :-(   When a person lives and enjoys the country like we do, we depend on our fossil fuel burning machines.  That means we are leaving a print, and I am fine with that. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Half a Day

We had another unseasonably warm day with temps around 60 and a SSW wind coming in at 15mph.  They say it could the last warm day for quite some time to come...Sooo, it was a 1/2 day of vacation for me even though somecadhad the whole day off, but the bonus for me was I got in almost 50 miles of gravel riding this afternoon.

Most of the roads could not have been better for riding. 

A lone Oak holding on.

We had 23 degrees this morning, but these little daisy like flowers are doing well.  Aster of some kind , maybe??

It was warm enough to be stripped down to just shorts and shirt, but I kept on my unzipped vest, (and shirt) just because I didn't want to carry it.  Thats saying something for us up here in northern woods of Wisconsin this late in October.

I felt like I was cheating the bike gods today with the weather nice, road conditions perfect and being able to play hooky to take advantage.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Bearskin

I took the Kona for a ride on the Bearskin Trail.  I have always wanted to ride this trail in the fall as it traverses through low land and has a lot of Tamarack.  The Tamarack puts on its color show after the hardwoods have dropped their leaves.  I was about a week too late for the ideal colors, but it was still a nice ride. 

Back to the Bearskin.  It runs 18.2 miles one way from the tourist town of Minocqua WI south to near the junction of Highway's K and 51.  This is a bridge at the beginning in Minocqua. 

There is a lot of water near this trail.

It is very well marked not only as to the legal use of the trail, but also has mileage markers and informational signs relating to the history and natural resources of the area. 

Guessing, I would say at about the halfway point, is a very nice picnic area with four picnic tables, a hand pump well and bathrooms.

Above is a picture of another rest stop.  This also is signed of the significance and a nice place to watch the wildlife...on and off the trail.

As usual I don't have much to say...just loading up some pictures.

Pictures are nice to look at anyway.

There are several of these wooden bridges on the Bearskin with this one being the longest at 746 feet.  All of the bridges are signed with a name and the length.

More water.

More water here also, but it takes some manpower to see it.  This is near the south end of the trail with a parking lot and bathrooms nearby.  This is a very nice trail to ride.  I rode it both ways this day plus a little extra for a total of 39 miles.  We have to take advantage of the little time we have left before the snow blankets the area.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Congratulations Bobbi Jo & Michael ! ! ! !

It has been busy the last few days as we officially gained a daughter...although we had already claimed her quite a while ago.  Our son has married his long time girlfriend and we are indeed very proud of both.  We are very lucky indeed.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It wasn't even that cold

When I get outside and do something, whether it be biking of any kind, trail running, cutting firewood or just going for a walk, it does wonders for my over-all outlook of things.  Although I work indoors, I still spend a lot of my off time outdoors.  This winter I am going to try to increase that outdoor time.  Reminds me of a recent story I heard at the Heck of the North this year.  A gentlemen there was explaining about one of the local guys having some possible frostbite trouble at last years Arrowhead 135.  Now, we heard this standing in the wilderness of Northern MN and it went something like this.  "Last year he had problems with his feet or I should say his toes.  I don't know why though.  It only got down to 21 below that night.  I mean it wasn't even that cold."  Now he was really serious about this 21 below not being "that" cold and I know they have had temperatures around the negative 40 mark during that event, but this makes me smile every time I think of him telling this.  Only in the Northwoods.    

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brandon, who is a friend of mine, and I knocked out a 34+ mile ride last night after work.  31 of these miles were on gravel.  These are file photos because although I brought the camera along, I forgot it was even in my pocket until I sat in the car to go home and it poked me in the pocket.  That tells me that I had a great time with good company and it was fun to have company, as almost all of my riding is alone.

The pictures of the roads are the same roads we were on yesterday.

File photo of the Gitchigumi Gear Mashers from this years MS150.  It was Brandon on the right and myself on the left that rode yesterday. 

I rode the mountain bike and it was Brandon's first ride on his new 29er, and his first time riding gravel.  It would have been nice to get a photo of that, but I was too interested in the riding to be remembering a camera.  He has been a roadie in the past, but I think he enjoyed the gravel last night.    

Some of the roads yesterday were freshly graded, but still rode very well with the wide mountain tires.  As I said before, these are file photos today.  I loaded them up because I like photos in a blog.  I enjoy checking out photos on other blogs, so I try to put them on this one.  Oh, and one last thing...It was a Gooooood time ! !

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rut Roads

 We have been fortunate to get some unseasonably warm weather in here in northern Wisconsin.  I have not been able to play hookie at work this week, but have been riding the short time available in the evening.

Some nice rut road trail riding this evening. 

Last night the trails I rode had some brush in spots, but tonight the only thing I had to watch for was the sticks hiding under the leaves.  Some of the hardwoods have dropped a lot of their leaves. 

We had a lot of rain in September.  Some of these roads show results of past rain, although this one has been in bad shape for years.

I ended with just under 19 miles of two rut trails on the mountain bike with just a couple of little gravel connectors.  Gooooood time ! ! !

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Riding the trails

Lately, it has been the fixed gear that had been getting all the attention, but this afternoon when I went to the bike coral, it was the mountain bike.  I am sure the Anthem was saying "pick me, pick me," so being the softie I am, off we went.

The Anthem may have wished it hadn't said anything, as some of the back trails I rode tonight were growing in with brush.  We picked our way through and every now and then we could hear the brush threatening to break something.  But in the end, we all got along and came home in one piece.

 There was what I would call a medium wind today which has resulted in some of the leaves giving up the fight...kissing the earth one might say. 
I had a nice 11+ mile ride of nothing but rut trails.  If time would have permitted, I would have ridden many more miles than that.  This type of riding...trails, gravel and ect. is just flat out fun. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Watch'in the Heck

I have been riding the fixed gear again after being off of it most of the summer.  For about a year it was my main ride, as I think I rode it more than any of the others, both winter and summer.  I like it in the winter because there are of course no derailleur's to get salted up.  It has felt good to be back riding it.

 This weekend we took a drive up along Lake Superior to near Two Harbors and then headed north to watch the half-way stop of the "Heck of the North."  It was a lot of fun talking with some of the bikers and the people working the event.  One of the folks we talked to was Rich's wife.  Rich is one of the Duluth Road Cyclist bloggers who logs a lot of miles.  His wife, who I never got her name, is very pleasant to talk to, as was everybody there.  It seems when one is around fellow cyclist, the company is always good.

Good job CAD and Doug, as they finished the Heck and it sounded as if they had a heck of a good time.  This is an example of what I was saying in the above paragraph above about cyclist being good people.  These are friends who stuck with each other through a flat tire, some cramps and whatever else the course threw at them.  Goooood job, as there is something to be said for finishing an event such as this.  It is something I think neither man will ever forget.