Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Welcome Spring Ride

Welcome Spring Ride

For me, today was the first day of 2015 riding a full on road bike.  Earlier I was spending a lot of time on the Fat-tire, but lately my time has been on the studded up fixed gear. So that means, today felt really good to be on a road bike with 700 x 25c tires running 115 psi. on all most bare blacktop.  There were just a couple spots that some ice and I was able to skirt through those sections.

I started out by riding 13 miles into a stiff wind. The weather forecast called for 10mph and it was all of that. The temperature when I left today said 44 and by the time I returned home it was near 60°F.  If you notice the picture of the bicycle has the back rack bag fully extended...well that would be because I totally screwed up the clothing today. Overdressed is an understatement on this days ride. We are expecting warm weather for the next week or so. Our snow pack has taken a hit and it will not be long and it will be gone...for now.  I am sure we will get some more.   

 I stopped today at a bridge crossing the Totogatic River.  Even though it is a very pretty spot, I normally don't stop here because it is a nice hill coming down and of course that means...a hill going up the other side. I plan on stopping more often.

 Making the stop here is worth the loss of momentum. I am not in race anyhow.
 I wonder which spelling is correct. hehehe
 The WI Stewardship program recently purchased 262 acres along the river for the benefit of keeping the river area undeveloped...aka "wild" That very same stewardship program is on Gov. Walkers chopping block.  I am happy they got this one and hope some more can be had.  I am all for acquiring land and the development of  bicycle and hiking trails.

 Careful...It is a dangerous intersection. Bad intersection! 

I saw many deer today. I should have counted them. I didn't, but I would say at least 20.

Above is a YouTube video I shot of the ride. Nothing special as I just winged it here.  I am going to have to start planning these vids a little better.

Thanks for reading, watching and any comments you may have.

Get outdoors and have some fun!