Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Good Friday!

Happy Good Friday

 I was out earlier this week for a short bikepacking. I rode the fat-tire on road conditions pictured above.  It was a rough couple days with a heavy wind...mostly against me.

 I have learned that I need to invest in some proper racks.  Although with everything loaded on the back is doable, it is far far from ideal. I have panniers, but no racks made for the fat-tire.

 We didn't get much snowpack this year, so there isn't much water running in the Sheosh Creek. Many years it overflows the banks plus some.  Not this year.

 A rare good spot of road, still soft. Good thing for 4" tires. hehehe

 A picture of some woodpecker holes.

 This was my second night in the Hennessy Explorer hammock. I tried setting it up differently this time leaning more to the hang calculator method. It will not happen again. I will go back to the original hang I used, which for me is upper chest high and tight.  The temp got down to around the 25° mark. The Jacks R Better Mount Washington 4 under quilt worked very well. 

 I am glad I was able to have a fire. Severe fire danger is now in effect.

 When I arrived at this campsite, the area was littered with spent ammo. I picked the ones up I spotted and put them on this sign. The person or persons responsible for this is an idiot or are idiots...oooops, I didn't mean to offend idiots. They shot up this sign and ruined it. They shot in an unsafe direction as they could not have possibly known what was behind where they shot. They filled many of the few remaining White Pines with lead.  These are people that should not own firearms.

 It was nice to be able sit around the fire listening to the nearby river rapids.

 The position of the moon was an added bonus on this trip.

Road conditions like above made this trip memorable and fortunately all the miles were not like this. That is a good thing.  But the roads were very soft from the recent rain along with the frost coming out of the ground. 

I loaded the above video on to my YouTube channel and will share it here. 

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!

Thanks for reading, watching and any comments you may have.