Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Snakes and Bears

Janice had a follow up doctor appointment today regarding her knee. The doc says the knee has made good improvement and to keep doing what she was. So...after we got home we went for a ride down some fire roads. Goooood time, those fire roads. Tonight on our ride, we saw two snakes and two black different spots. I got a pic of the first bear we saw, but the second one was on the South Crotty road...and he was movin. That one crossed the road about 50 yards in front of us. Then as we sat down for supper, a big bear came walking up the driveway. I thought for sure we would get a nice picture, but when I slid the door open he spooked and bolted to north thru the woods. So we seen 3 bears tonight. We also saw a few deer. We logged 2 hours 40 minutes of saddle time with the temp at 75 and with a strong southwest wind. From the Buttercup family, these are Marsh Marigold.
I don't know...we may have called this a blow snake

Anybody know???Let the rest of us know.

The first of three Black Bear we seen tonight.

A green snake sunning

We also saw some dandelions, took a pic...but loaded the wrong back to the Marsh

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