Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow and Cold...but Fun

 Hey hey hey, a ride with temps above the 0°F mark. 

 A little lake I rode by on todays ride.  The lakes have a very deep layer of snow on them.  I am hearing that it is deep enough this year to possibly have an effect on the fish. When the snow depths get high on the lake, it cuts the amount of sunlight that gets through.  Not enough sunlight getting through means the oxygen levels falls and that in turn affects the fish.  

 A lone snowmobile track down the powerline.  A case could be made that this winter has been rather chilly, but with all the snow, I think it has been a good year for the sleds. 

 I see there are few ice shanties showing up on the local lakes.

I have been riding mostly township roads today...and they are perfect!!

I decided to blog today only to show off a gift I received in the mail yesterday!!  Fantastic!  As much as I like winter biking, I would like to playing that hole right now...and that ain't no lie!

Another shaky one handed cell phone video loaded up.

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!

Thanks for reading and comments!


  1. Ha Ha ZERO has to be considered a warm up for this winter!! So, 20 would feel like earlier summer??? Lol
    That golf course does look inviting; too bad I dislike golf..... You golf, I'll be pedaling the beaches!! ;)

    1. Right on...anything above zero is feeling warm!!

  2. Ok...Fatbike calendar next year.


    1. Thank You!! Nothing wrong with golf calendars.

  3. I would totally love to be playing that hole too!

  4. Nice! I have been snow shoeing.