Friday, March 21, 2014

2014 Spring??

 HAPPY SPRING!!!  I think it will be a while before the snow pack is gone here in northwest WI.  In the above picture there are two good sized lawn chairs beyond the dock.  It may be a while before anyone sits on them. They say more snow on the way.

 I like the idea of having the daylight go into the evening hours.

 The temperature was near 40°F on this ride.  I could hardly believe the difference a couple hours makes in the ice melt.  The video at the bottom of this post was taken 2 hours later on the same afternoon.

 I will be watching the Moose River to see when it starts to open.  

 There are still some snowmobiles riding the trails.  In looking at the 10 day forecast, I would say the snowmobilers have those 10 more days and more, as there is no warm weather in the forecast.

 Like my mud guard?  I knew the roads were going to be wet in spots today.  So...a piece cut from an ice cream pail, couple drilled holes, a quick shot of paint, two zip ties and good enough for me.  It worked great. Hmmmm, those tires have some miles on them.

 As witness to the depth of snowpack we have is the top of this fence post.

 I saw these tracks that came from a vast open area.  I am not sure what critter left them, but I am thinking a Bobcat. The toes were round, had no claw marks and were about the right size. I know they mate in the spring..and TODAY is spring!!  As I said, I am not sure.

 The tracks came from out in the open. It walked up and checked out this tree that a deer had nibbled on earlier in the winter and then moved on.  

The house is gone, but the barn still stands.  Nice old barn! I noticed there is some hay stored inside. another crappy video.  A lot of things wrong with it, but I loaded it anyhow.  The quality is poor.  The explanation of the fixed gear is poor.  Whatever! It's on here. 

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!

Thanks for reading and any comments!


  1. Nothing wrong with the video, and the pics are great, but I'm ready for some shots without all the snow!

    1. Yeah, me too Jeff. But I don't think our snow is going anywhere in the near future. It will be here a while.

  2. I can't wait for spring to actually get here. It'll be nice to go for a ride without having to hear the sizzle of studs.

    1. Last year I loaded the studs on the fixed gear. This year I decided to just ride the fatty if the roads were not clear. I am looking forward to no snow and clear roads washed off by a good rain.