Sunday, October 12, 2008

Time to get the winter ride ready

Not trying to hurry it along...but it is getting that time of the year. I will have to find time to get the Timberlin ready for the winter riding. I took the studded tires off this summer so my daughter could use it for single tracking. Now I will switch back to the studs, lube the cables good and what ever else I see that needs attention. People around where we live...kinda in the sticks, by that I mean not near a city...look at a person funny when you ride in the winter. I do not know why they should. I am the only one winter riding in our area that I am aware of. If anyone out there knows of people that ride in this area or are interested in winter riding, please let me know. It is really a lot of fun and the studs work great.
How can this not look like fun?

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