Thursday, April 22, 2010

Freshly Graded

We had 5 people for the Wednesday after work ride this week.  That was good considering it was a whopping 37 degrees in Duluth when we left on the ride.  Five hardy people made a 33+ mile ride and it was great.

Thursday night had me riding the gravel roads near home on the cross bike.  I knew they had just been graded and figured that it would just enhance the did.  The temp was around the 70 mark and it was a 20 mile loop...mostly freshly graded gravel and sand.
I ain't a tellin no lie when I tells ya "It was rough".  The review on the cross bike wheels were not good, but I trued them when I got them and beat the hell out of them tonight...and verdict is...still true.  They can't be all bad.

About 5 miles of tonights route had only one track down the road, and you could not even see that track most of the time.  This section of road was a bit soft.  As I said though, I knew what I was getting into when I left the house...and I will was still fun.


  1. Love it!!! When you know what your in for, and it was truly fun, it's a great day!!!
    Peace, Joboo

  2. sounds like a great spring ride -- looks like we have a bit more green than you've got up there.