Monday, April 12, 2010

Riding the Gravel

After 65 miles the day before with Janice on the tandem, I was on my own the next day.  With the temp around 70 and clear blue sky above, I decided a gravel ride was called for.  It was 29 miles and the conditions could not have been much better for riding on the roads I was on.

I was on some roads west of Gordon WI.  This particular road, The Crottie Brook Trail, is maintained by, and goes through sections of three townships. Gordon, Wascott and Dairyland.
About a mile in on the Crottie, is the last sign of civilization...a nice cabin.
I think a lot of logging took place back in here this last winter.
I stopped once by one of the old logging jobs and snacked.
They close some of these roads in the spring to prevent damage from the wet conditions.
I had a few miles of riding in the ruts.  The ruts in the road make it interesting.  You try to find the driest, best rut and then try to stay upright...hasn't been a problem yet.  You wouldn't want trouble out here because you are on your own.  It is miles to the nearest resident, and no cell phone service...and as an added bonus, I saw no cars on the gravel today.
This the other end of the road with the road closed sign...doesn't do much good to close one end and not the other:-)
One of the bridges I crossed.

As I said before, 29 miles of just excellent gravel riding.

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  1. Nice post...Almost as happy as a "Buck in Rut".