Thursday, July 1, 2010

Decorah lesson

We stopped into three different bike shops on this trip. The first one was the shop Dano owns in Sheboygan WI called the Sheboygan Bicycle Company...Dano is on my blog list.  He is indeed interesting to read.  Brian...very very fast and just as nice as he is fast, Dano and another guy were helpful in giving us very good directions to MTB trails in their area.  For anyone who is out and about in unfamiliar territory, I would suggest stopping into these shops.  They always are willing to help out and as an added bonus. you get to meet some very nice people. 

We also stopped at the The Prairie Peddler bike shop in Prairie du Chien WI looking for more MTB trails.  We talked to the owner, Marty Larson, who was very helpful in pointing us to some of the trail systems in the area.  He even offered to be our tour guide, but he was busy the night we were in town.  He told of us where the trails were located in Prairie, which we checked out that night, and also some at the Yellow River Rec area in Iowa.  We drove through the Yellow River area and looks like a place we will be returning to.  Bicycling from your campsite is always nice, but we decided not to stay there.  We moved on to Dechorah Iowa to ride some of those trails he had suggested.

I always knew I wasn't a strong climber and Decorah confirmed that fact.  That, and I just didn't have it the day we were there.  I rode as much as I could and "hike-a-bike" the rest.

Decorah wrapped it up for the bicycling on this trip.  From there it was on to Dubuque for the highlight of our trip, our God Daughter's Wedding. 


  1. Man, I'm jealous -- that was a great trip. Even viewed vicariously through your posts, I'm tired...

  2. Nothing like a "great" bike shop, that goes above and beyond!!! Make ya want to go back again and
    I agree with Brother Yam, it's been fun watching your travels!! Keep it up!!
    Peace, Joboo