Friday, December 3, 2010

Back on

Thanksgiving week is no time to be riding a bicycle in the woods of northern Wisconsin during daylight hours, as this is the Whitetail gun season.  So, I take a couple weeks off the bike around Thanksgiving every year.  I blame it on the hunting season, but that is a lame excuse.  There is no reason I could not ride at night these two weeks, PLUS...the second week the hunters are fewer and also a little more sane, as it is the muzzle loader season the second week rather than large gangs with rifles like the first week.  People with the "Brown is down" attitude worry me.  I do have to say though, this was one of the more enjoyable deer seasons I have experienced in a long time.  I did not shoot a deer, but I say it was more enjoyable because there were fewer hunters around our home.  Suffice to say, that is because there are fewer deer in our area this year.  If it stayed this way, I would be a happy camper.
Now, on to tonight's ride.

Tonight was the first time on the bike in two weeks.  It sure felt good to be back riding!  I put in an hour on snow/ice covered roads at +15F and it was EXCELLENT! ! !  For those that live in this area, better get out there and enjoy it, because it will be spring before you know it.  You snooze, you loose.
Tonight is also the first time I have used the coast side of the flip flop hub on the fixie???not a fixie tonight I guess.  It took me nearly two years of riding this bike to find this out, but I now know the coast side works, so it will be back to the fixed side tomorrow.  Call me trendy or whatever, most likely whatever, but I just like the fixed gear.   


  1. People use the term fixie incorrectly. No matter which side of the hub you use, it's still "fixed" in one gear as opposed to multi-geared hubs. When you use the non-coast side, it then becomes a fixed wheel, meaning it doesn't coast. That young, hip, fixster crowd has got it all wrong.

    Nice to see you are back out on the bike. I love winter biking.

  2. Doug, thanks for helping me out with that, as I was curious. I don't know trendy terms, or most terms for that matter. I'm just an old guy that rides a bike.