Friday, November 19, 2010

Fat Tire Build

I know there are some fat tire snow bike fans that occassionally stop by the blog, so I am going to throw this out here.  It is looking like a group of us are going to build up some fat tire bikes.  These will most likely be of the non-offset version.  We do have the ability to make adaptations to some of the issues that arise.  We will most likely be building everything from a single speed to who knows what.  We have had discussions of single speeds to multi speed hubs from Alfine to Rohloff with chain OR belt drive and on to the 1 x 9 up to the full 3 x 10.  For me, a straight single speed will be out of the question.  I intend on riding this ride some in the summer as well winter.  We all know everyone has different ideas that work for them and may not work for the next person...i.e. saddles.  So, please do not be shy as any ideas from handlebars and gearing to geometry will be greatly appreaciated. 

Any advice out there?
Anything that turns your wheel?

We would like to hear it ! ! !


  1. Coolness, you guys are in for a treat!!! Welcome soon to the clan!! ;))

    What flavor of Fat Bike are you guys thinking about?? Isn't that statement cool in and of itself??!!
    The Fat tire bikes are becoming more and popular, and you guys are jumping on at very cool time, what with Salsa offering their version of the Fat bike. Surly adding new rims and a complete Pugsley, along with all the other Fat bike makers, options and goodies.
    Damn, i'm excited for you guys!!!

    When I built up my Pugs almost a year ago now, I was gonna go SS, then it went 1x, then 2x, then I said screw it let's throw the Mr. Whirly triple on.
    My Pugs has become my year round bike, be careful it might happen to one of you guys too!! ;)
    I like the fact of having all my gears. I do a lot of exploring, (ie: no trail riding, just riding through the woods), and if I don't need a gear fine, but if I needed more gears and didn't have them, I'd be bummed. During the winter i use the big ring maybe 25% of the time. Gears work for me, and really to each their own anyway!!
    Funny you guys are thinking about IGH, I've also been thinking about going that route in the future. The entry price is steep, but pays for itself in the long run!!
    On my build the only thing i would've done different is gone with a wider rim, say 80mm instead of the 65mm L. M. I would go no wider than 80mm, just because of where I ride in my area.
    Oh man, I wish you guys luck, and have fun!! You all will hear a lot of different advice, take it in and digest it, then digest it again and again................ In the end do what you want....... to fit your riding styles.
    Ok, ok a shameless plug for the best handlebars I've ever used..... The Titec H-bars rock!!!
    I'm really looking forward to see how you guys build up your bikes!!!


  2. A friend may be breaking into the frame building scene, so that is what we are looking at. He has already built some, but is now into the full fledged fixture building stage. I think it will be coooool, as they will be custom built with a personal flair. I was thinking either the Titec H-bars or possibly the J style. The Mr. Whirly sounds like the ticket if going with gears. I know I need some low end gearing, so that will be my goal no matter how I get there, whether it be IGH or gears. Thanks for the input, as that is what I am looking for.

  3. Woohoo!!!!
    Custom XYZ Fat bike frames!!! How refreshing that is!!
    There will nothing like those bikes anywhere!!!! Talk about awesome!! Oops, sorry got a little carried away there!! ;))


  4. I think it all boils down to personal preference. What's right for me isn't always right for you. Go with what you like, or your gut tells you, and then make adjustments along the way.