Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rock Lake

I rode the Rock Lake trail in the CAMBA trail system and it rocks as usual.  Dano, I too wish you were there riding with me.  It was 3 hours 15 minutes of ride time, alone.  It seems every spring it takes a single track ride to put my riding shape in perspective.  Every year it's like I feel I am in good riding shape, then I go hit up the first single track of the year and it kicks my ass.  This ride was no different.  

The Rock Lake trailhead is east of Cable WI on Bayfield County Highway M.  There are massive amounts of single track in CAMBA system.  Joboo, this year I am getting to MN and to check out the Cuyuna trails. 

Although there are many parking spots that doesn't require a fee, the area I parked at today had a $5.00 daily fee.  Therefore, I couldn't afford the breakfast in Hayward, so oatmeal at home had to do Jeff...just kidding.

Being spring and we have had our fair share of rain, I wondered what kind of shape the trails would be in.  Worried for naught, for they were excellent! ! !

I rode the outer most loop which takes you by several small lakes.

And...The No Hands Bridge.

I used both hands and did not ride the cut across board today.

Another little lake.  I may have to pack in a fishing pole some time and give fishing a go on some of these.

This was added from the last time I was here...Wall street. 

This is the back side of Wall Street.  Fall here and you fall hard.

There was a time when my goal was to ride this entire loop without unclipping...didn't happen today and may never happen again.  BUT, great fun was had. 

I did enjoy it Trevor, so I thought I would post a little bike porn just to prove it.

Get outdoors and have some fun ! ! !


  1. I've thought about buying a little fold up rod that I could theoretically take along on a bike, or in a kayak. Be prepared.

  2. Cuyuna is suppose to be a gem of a trail!! I'm looking forward to hitting that up myself.
    I was giving some thought to the opening weekend festivities June 10th-12th, but then I came to my senses!! Lol way too many people for this guy!!
    I think that'll be a dump-day mid week drive down!! :)
    I haven't ridden Rock Lk. since the reworking of the trail was done; from your pictures, it sure looks like they did a awesome job!!
    Thanks for sharing!!


  3. I want to thank you for the time you put into this blog. My wife and I are retiring soon to Hayward and it is really useful to read you blogs and figure out how soon the snow melts and what the trais are like.
    Juneau, Ak