Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Saving Gas

I had an appointment this morning four towns down from our little town, so I thought why not ride the bike there.  It ended up to be a 64 mile round trip.  I made it 12 miles in before the first layer come off and shortly there after I was down to just shorts and jersey.  We had a very strong ENE wind which meant the last 25 miles were hard miles.  I still think riding against a hard wind should qualify for extra credit.

I saw these Sandhill Cranes near Trego WI.  They seem to be more of these showing up every year.  They are a huge bird when fully grown.

I wanted to vary the route back a little since it was an out and back ride...obviously I did know this road well.  I thought it was Blacktop, and it turns out it is for about 100 yards, then gravel.  The 700 x 23 tires were not ideally the best for this.  We made it through, although I did need to un-clip a couple of times.

More loose gravel...only about a 1/4 mile here, but I needed to ride this both ways.  Bike will need a good cleaning after today, as this portion was little wet.

I noticed blogger had some issues last week.  I lost a post and then the comments that were associated with it disappeared and never did come back.  Pictures have been a pain to load as of late also.  Maybe I'm just loosing patience with the whole thing.  Thanks for reading and participating in the comment section.

Welcome to the area None ! !

Get outdoors and have some fun ! ! !


  1. Been reading about the rise in Lyme disease in Wisconsin. Do you do anything special after mountain biking or hiking in the bushes? Is it a concern at all? It sounds like it could be a big inconvenience checking all the time.
    No such problem in Alaska.


  2. The ticks that carry the Lymes disease are very common. I do very little to avoid them and sometime I may pay the price. I have been treated for it with precautionary antibiotics also know many people who have and do suffer from Lymes. I do check myself often while walking/hiking. That is the biggest thing I do is check constantly. I have not any issues with them while mountain biking.

  3. Well it is good news for me if it is less of a problem while mountain biking. Maybe you are traveling faster than they can react and sense the Co2. Thanks for the info!

  4. I'm all for saving a buck..... errrr 4 and change i guess now hey??
    I ride year round, and only filling one vehicle, plus insuring one not two is a big savings!!
    Ticks, Hmmmm I've been lucky, they seem to dislike me!! I hope it stays that way!! ;)


  5. Just came across your blog. Extra credits for headwinds ... it should be law! :-) BTW: Last week I had comments disappearing, too, but they are all back now, bit by bit. Apparently they are still working on it so fingers crossed yours will all show up in the next few days...

  6. Nice to see a pic of the carbon bike! I love those blue tires. With all your years cycling you have definately earned your "headwind merrit badge." On the whole tick subject, It took me 30 years of being outside constantly to get limes and I still think nothing of it when I'm out there. No Worries.

    Work is just not the same without you there dude. Cheers to early retirement!!!


  7. Congrats on your gas saving ride. I don't think a lot of my environmentalist friends understand how energy dense gas is and how hard it is to replace with alt energy sources. They recycle bottles but when it comes to the really valuable savings like your 64 mile trip, it becomes too inconvenient. Heck many would not think of giving up their second car let alone take on a 64 mile utility ride. We are going to try and put our money where our mouth is and your ride is a good example.

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  9. I had problems last week with blogger also, but I was able to post ok last night.

    Congrats on your gas saving. I know gasoline is a good and still relatively cheap energy source, but I think it's always good to save it when we can.

    Congrats also on your headwind ride also. It's like a great big hill.