Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011 MS150

These are the three of us pictured here (Brandon, Eric and myself), that comprised our little group of the about 3400 people that rode the Minnesota MS 150 charity bicycle ride.  I should note my wife Janice was the driver of our support vehicle.  The ride is a two day event that starts in Proctor and overnights in Hinckley the first day, and then runs from Hinckley to White Bear Lake the second day.  This equals to  about 75 miles per day.  We were fast this year.  We stopped at every rest stop (5 per day), even had lunch and still finished up at 11:00 the first day and 11:15 the second...I had a flat the second day 1 mile from the finish.  Eric spent most of the time in front pulling us along, and a lot of that time the speedo was reading between 19.5 and 22.5.  It just seemed every time I would glance down at it was reading in the low 20's.  I should note a lot of this ride is on rail to trail trails.  I need to say a big thanks to Eric and Brandon for a great weekend of riding.  I had FUN ! ! !

Get outdoors and have some fun ! ! !


  1. I've spent the night in Hinckley and driven down the WI side back to the Twin Cities. That is a beautiful part of the country. I remember some elevation changes. Was there a lot of climbing?

  2. Not a lot of climb on this ride. You are right about the WI side though. Wisconsin has some big hills.