Monday, July 4, 2011

100+ Degrees Spells Trouble

 For those who do not know, we live in the northwest corner of Wisconsin.  This is an area dotted with lakes...lots and lots of lakes.  It is for this reason many of the roads wind around the lakes and over the creeks and rivers.  Trees grow close to the roads and next to houses and cabins.
 It was last Friday afternoon and the temp was around the 100 mark, which sometimes lead to afternoon thunderstorms in our area.   I decided to take the kayak down the St. Croix river near our house to do some fishing.  I was catching Small Mouth Bass one right after another.  My original plan was just go down river a little and then paddle back up, but the fish were biting so well, I thought why not go a little farther down and be picked  up.  I was about a mile downstream when I felt just a hint of a cool in a breeze.  I lifted my sunglasses, surveyed the sky and, you turn around and get back to the landing as fast as possible.  Good decision ! !  I met 4 kayaks just before getting back.  I told them that I thought we were going to get a storm and it is moving fast.  At first they ignored me but shortly later I heard "I think he's right.  We better go back."  Another good decision.
There was at least one tornado.  I cannot remember any storm doing such a large area of damage.  It is an area that stretches for miles.  These are some pictures of the storm damage, but I didn't take many.  This link will take you to some more.  It shows a good mix of the damage.

 Along with the property damage came at least one death.  It was a young girl.  The power will be out for days in some areas.  So this brings me to this, along with the social media, I hear people complaining about being without power for so long.  The house in this picture above belongs to someone who works for a power company.  So he works the day the storm hits, plus works through the night and into the next morning and comes home to this.  There is a very good chance that after all the hours he already worked, he now has time to look at his damage and be back to work at his job in 6 hours for another very very long shift.   I have talked to 7 people from our two local electric companies and one of the seven is a close relative that is a lineman for one of these.  I talked to him Saturday about noon.  He was beat, but still going.  The hours they put in and the sacrifices they make, and will continue to make, are astounding!  
 When I hear and read the lack of understanding and compassion some people have, I am dumbfounded.  It just amazes me.  There are people mourning the loss of life (two dead, 39 injured, three critical in just one of the several counties affected) and yet some people complain because they can't flush their toilet, can't cook their pizza or they have food in the freezer that may spoil.  Can they not see what had just happened? 
Along with the lineman, there are brushing crews, mechanics and the office people doing everything from answering phones to dispatch to communicating with the families of the workers.  Many of these will not see much of their family during disasters such as this.  Any Fourth of July plans they had are just that...Plans

So for everyone out there, I would suggest to look at the big picture and say thanks to these people.

OH, and Get outdoors and have some fun ! ! !


  1. Right on!!! We're so used to the "flip" of a switch.
    Ever heard of a propane grill, lanterns? Consider it a camping trip, and rough it for Christ sake!!!
    My father worked for our local utilities for 30 plus years, and you're spot on with the comments you made about people piss whining!!! Get over it, suck it up, and do what you have to do!!! You are not the only ones suffering, and in certain cases, be thankful you didn't lose a loved one!!!
    Ok, stepping off!! ;))
    Happy 4th to you and yours!!!


  2. A good friend is a lineman also.
    Folks don't realize, when the wind is blowing and it's storming out, someone has to be up in a swaying bucket messing around with high voltage lines.
    I don't envy his job.
    Hope things return to normal soon.

  3. I heard about the storms up in Burnett County and was hoping you and your family were OK.

    I have a high school buddy who is a lineman. He works his butt off, and often goes to other parts of the country that experience storm damage to help them too.

    We take many things for granted which are produced through hard labor.

  4. Wow! I didn't know you got hit up there. Hope all is well!