Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kayaking the Brule

Earlier this week I made a kayak trip down the Brule River from Stones Bridge to Winneboujoe.  In order to make this trip, my lovely wife was nice enough to help me out with the logistics before she went to work in the morning.  This meant she had to leave for work nearly two hours earlier than normal.  She hasn't  complained even once about helping me in all of the little treks I get ideas to do.  Be it bicycling, hiking, camping, or this kayak trip for instance, she is always there to that is special.   

 Due to the fact it was early in the AM when I got on the river, it was very calm for much of the trip.

The spring fed Brule River begins its 44 mile flow north to Lake Superior in a bog swamp near Solon Springs, WI.  I think an interesting little tidbit is that a very short distance from where the Brule River begins its journey towards the big lake, the St. Croix river also starts its journey in the opposite direction to the mighty Mississippi.
   From a slow moving meandering river, to wider narrow lake areas, to shoots of narrow rapids that don't offer much room for error and drop in elevation quickly, this river has everything one could expect a river to offer.

 Some maneuvering required.

 May have to stay low now and again.

 While I was stopped here for lunch, a young couple went by in kayaks.  Now that in its self is not unusual, as there are canoe/kayak outfitters that service the river...the fact that they didn't see me is.  They say it takes about 4 hours to do this section of river...took me 8 hurry here. :-) lol he he

 I had a few sprinkles of rain, which did no harm and only added to the richness of the trip.

 Although it is no longer living, it's serving nature.  It's good fish habitat and slowly going to the earth.

 One of the many boat houses on the river.

Although parts of the Brule have homes and vacation retreats, the entire river is in Wisconsin's Brule River State Forest.

 I come across two groups of Merganser group of 7 and another of 21.  They are interesting to watch, especially when they are under water...they are fast, very fast.
 This Whitetail deer is looking for food and she was finding it.  I watched her as she searched for the weed she wanted, ducked her head and came out chewing.

Because of the Brule being spring fed, and also dumping into Lake Superior, it is well known as a good trout fishery.  Although I caught Brook Trout, it also has Browns, Rainbows and Salmon.

Get outdoors and have some fun!!


  1. Another great outing! I got to do a little kayaking on a lake in SD over last weekend. It was beautiful, but pales in comparison to your river. And your wife willing to help with logistics, she's a keeper!

  2. Nice! Beautiful river and landscape. Interesting boat. Could you discuss it? great post.

  3. I've canoed the Brule, it's fabulous! Nice coverage of the area.

  4. Jeff...Glad to hear you got out in a kayak. We are fortunate to have have some beautiful rivers and lakes in our area.

    Herringbone...The kayak is an Ocean Kayak Trident Prowler Trident 13 fishing model in the camouflage color. It is a sit on top model, as most fishing models are, and is very stable...I can sit with my feet dangling over the side and also stand up if I wish. It has two water tight hatches, one in the front and one in the middle. It also has an area for a fish sonar with a battery pack built in to store a gel cell, rod holders, and a storage well in the back for a dry bag, or whatever, held in with shock cord. It has scupper holes to release any water you may take on board, or you may plug them if you wish. They handle rough water well with out fear of swamping...even is set up for a sail if one so chooses. I also have rigged this unit with a rudder system and an anchor.

    While I believe these sit on top kayaks are not as fast as others, and I don't plan on being in any race, it serves my purpose well. I wanted one able to handle some of our larger lakes, and have the capability to carry gear for extended trips. Although I haven't tried it YET, I think I could stay for days with out difficulty.

    Hope that answers some questions and I would be pleased to answer any other questions anyone may have.

  5. Now that looks like a splendid way to spend ones day!!!
    Thanks for sharing.


  6. What a great way to spend a whole day! And you are lucky to have someone to take you and pick you up!

    Thanks for the photos! That is a very beautiful place.

  7. Have not been to the Brule in years, beautiful pictures!! Cindi~