Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Namekagon Canoe

 Earlier in the summer, Janice and I made a four day canoe trip on the Namekagon River here in Northwest Wisconsin.  On that trip we had forgot an essential item for the trip and my parents dropped it off for us at a designated spot, along with some chocolate cake.  They had mentioned that they would like to make a canoe trip, and earlier this week we did just that.  The above pic was at our launch site, the McDowell Bridge landing.

 The river was high from the recent rains, which made conditions ideal.
 There are several campsites along the way and this is the one we chose for lunch.

Sore lunch of fish and fresh fried potatoes was on the menu.

 Lunch is served!!!

 The scenery of the Namekagon offers a little of everything, from high banks on the side to low land.  The above is some of the low land.

 I am not sure, but I think Janice was checking to see if I was paddling...and I wasn't!!

 This is where the Totagatic river dumps into the Namekagon.  The Totagatic is on the left.  From here the Namekagon continues on about another six miles before it dumps into the St.Croix river which then dumps into the Mississippi. 
 The two in this canoe represent a lot of river experience...Few canoe at eighty two!!  We have been very blessed to have them in our lives and love them dearly.

 A place for things to hide.

It was a perfect day...temps about 75, sun didn't beat us and about 17 drops of rain.

This was our take out bridge.  For years it was an old steel bridge and it was known as The Steel Bridge.  It was replaced a few years ago with this one, so I now call it The Concrete Bridge.  I think the real name is something like Namekagon Trail landing.  Not for sure...I am sticking with the Concrete Bridge.

remember...Get outdoors and have some fun!!!


  1. Paybacks for all of those tandem rides...


  2. The back seat in the canoe is purely for steering. And lunch looks delicious!

  3. That lunch looked great!
    Now I'm hungry.

  4. Nice! Sweet canoe is that an old aluminum?

  5. Good one CAD!!! That is the one thing I do miss...Wit and comrade.

    Lunch was indeed great. Good thing I don't eat like that all the time.

    The canoe is old, but it is fiberglass. The one Janice and I were using is aluminum though. It is a 17ft Grumman. They are both nice.