Friday, August 19, 2011

Riding the Local Roads

 I have been riding the local roads as of late.  I had thought with my long sought after time off, I would have had time to do some touring, or at least some long rides.  That has not been the case, as this has been an extremely busy summer and it is not going to let up for at least another month.  Our local roads are great to ride though...low traffic and mostly smooth.

 The view from the touring cross cockpit.

 Some may not like to think this, but fall is on the way.

The end of the rainbow was on our land...I wonder???

Get outdoors and have some Fun!!!


  1. About the time you have some "time" for your longer rides; the weather should be oh so perfect for them!!! Nice cool mornings, with the sun warmering you long into the afternoon!!
    I'm alittle on the touched side, but I'm longing for snow in a bad bad way!! :))
    So IMHO I can't wait for the weather to turn!! :)

    Peace, Joe

  2. I met at least a half dozen folks from WI on my trip. That is among the states on my list of where I'd like to do a long ride.

  3. Got a chance to see Amnicon Falls State Park. It is quite a gem and a surprise. Such a unique landscape hidden in the forest. We are enjoying the fall and getting lots of riding in. Did the Hayward Library Fall century ride last

    Hope you are doing well.

  4. BTW my wife has started a blog on our move...