Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another Great Ride!!

We drove to Cloquet MN Saturday for a ride with these folks. Left is Brandon, Roger (me) in the middle and Doug on the right.  It was a 40 mile plus ride.  Cloudy and cool.  Company excellent!!  We left Cloquet, headed over to Scanlon, on to Carlton, down to Wrenshall, and then headed east past Scotts Corners over to Mahtowa (home of TJ's Country Market...famous brats) and then headed back into Carlton via the Munger trail and back to Cloquet.  For those that read the last post, this ride was very wind friendly.  It was a triangle ride and we started against the wind, had a cross wind and sailed back home.  I do most of my riding alone.  These last two weekends riding with company is...well...priceless.

We arrived back in Cloquet and went in and visited Brandon and his family.  They have since increased the size of the family by one!  Janice was able to visit more than I, as we were riding.  They had asked us to stay for supper but we had made plans ahead.  I wished later we would have canceled the other plans and stayed.  It looked delicious and later received a text stating so.  But, the above picture is one of them participating in Forts Folle Avoine Rendezvous last year near Danbury, WI.  He invited me to dinner next year while they are there and we intend on taking them up on that.  Great Dad, Mom and children!

Lets get outside and have some FUN!!


  1. Another good ride with good people. Thank God for the mild weather.

  2. The Munger trail sounds like an amazing resource! "Our wurst is the best", I love it! Sounds like a great time!