Monday, June 4, 2012

Diabetes Ride

 Last Saturday was the Tour de Cure diabetes ride in Minneapolis MN.  First off...A big Thank YOU for all that supported us and me in particular in this event.  The above picture is of our group...The Gitchigumi Gear Mashers.  We have been riding as a group doing charity rides for a few years now.  It was my first year riding this event and I believe they do a very good job.  The rest stops were well spaced, very well stocked, and in scenic locations along the route.  The route itself shined also.  Mostly bike paths and trails.  And, of the roads we did ride, most had bicycle lanes painted in. I can now easily see why the Twin Cities rate so high in numerous bicycle friendly studies.  I will be back to leisurely ride more of these trails.  Their trail system is fantastic.

 This unit must have been part of the event as I saw at two different locations.

 The Mississippi River near downtown Minneapolis was really moving.  Some of the people riding said they had never seen it this lively.  It was my first time viewing it, so I couldn't compare it, but it was impressive.  While stopped on the bridge the spray was wetting us down.

 This is a trail bridge heading into downtown Minneapolis.

 At about mile 22 a tremendously loud noise came from behind.  It was louder than most gun shots.  It ended up to be a tube blow out on one of our team members ride.  The tube had about a 4" split plus a large chunk went missing somewhere along the way. SAG came along and helped.  Like I said before, well organized.

 After riding Minneapolis, we headed to St. Paul.  Here we rode by the Excel Energy Center, plus many other landmarks. By this time, my picture taking was getting to a minimum.  All these photos were taken with the cell phone...As I forgot the camera!  Must come with age I tell ya.  

 The above is a pic of the event grounds.  There they had diabetes information along with a lot of swag items.  They even had an area to test your A1C score.

The event supplied us with free lunch along with free Schells beer, 1919 Root Beer and free music.  we holed up near the beer truck and music.

Back home and loaded this post up and back out again soon.  It seems like I am spending a lot of time interent challenged these days.  I am fortunate to have an understanding spouse and also children at home for the summer to keep things in check. 

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!


  1. Seems like a very well organised event. Thanks for sharing the experience with us.......


  2. Glad you had a good ride! And I'll have to second the props to the trials in Minneapolis. I spent a few weeks there one summer 10 years ago, and riding all over was a treat.

  3. Yes, the Twin Cities knows how to do bikes. I have the same problem these days, not enough time for all the internet stuff I would like to do. Work, work, work...