Thursday, June 21, 2012

Goal Zero

My apologies for the lack of input on my part.  We have been...well...busy...vacation busy. :-)  After the Diabetes ride we left for a vacation to South Dakota/Wyoming.  I do enjoy the Black Hills area.  We have been there many times and for us, it just doesn't get old.  On this trip we spent most of it off the beaten path...gravel roads, rut roads, biking the George Mickelson trail  and hiking some hiking trails.  I had said in a previous post I would go over some of the gear I use.  The picture above is of the Goal Zero solar charger.  This model is the Guide 10 Plus.  It comes with a Nomad 7 solar panel, a USB cable, a 12 volt cable and a battery pack with 4 AA rechargeable batteries.  I have used it bicycle touring, camping and will use it on the river when we are out for days.  It is a very rugged, durable solar charger.  It is also suppose to be water proof, although I have not tested that, nor do I intend to.  It charges cell phones, cameras, MP3 players, GPS'r, I-Pads, Kindles and lots of stuff.  I use it for my cell phone, camera and Garmin.  It will not charge a lap top.  A person can charge right from the panel itself or use the panel to charge the battery pack and then charge the unit of your choice from the battery pack.  I choose to use the battery pack.  It has loops sewn on the panel and I tie it open to something during the daylight and charge from the pack in the evening.  
Sorry for the crappy photos, but it measures 6" x 9" x 1" when not in use folded and 17" x 9" when unfolded.  It weighs in at a very light at 0.8lbs. They say the charge time for the battery pack is 2-4 hours, but I have never timed it.  There are several configurations the Goal Zero out there and it is my understanding that one must be careful with which one you purchase.  After researching I purchased the Goal Zero 19007 Adventure kit as I thought it met my needs the best.  That model runs approximately $120.00.  I am of the opinion it is worth every penny.  A GREAT unit!!

My apologies this time in advance as there is some mighty nice looking weather coming up...and I plan to take advantage of no computer for days again.  I do miss reading the great blogs on my blog roll and think about them often, but adventure and the outdoors pull me away.

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!


  1. I envy you the good weather....we seem to be beating all the rainfall records each month this year....
    Enjoy your time in the great outdoors...!


  2. I like the looks of the Mickelson. Cruising on gravel with outstanding scenery and no cars, very nice. Good review of the charger. It's one of those conundrums. I go to the woods or the cabin, is it time to be unplugged or what? But it's one of those things.Some times you just have to communicate, at least, for me. I like to know I can get in touch with my kids. Sometimes I wonder how my parents did it. I like your weather forecasting and relationship to the computer. Have fun.

  3. That gadget has made me curious.
    How long does it take to charge up, before charging other widgets? Thanks.
    Peace :)

  4. They say 2-4 hours to charge the battery pack. You can charge widgets directly from the solar panel also, although it is slower. Things like a smart phone can be charged 3 or 4 times, depending on how discharged they are in about an hour.