Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Biking and Bacon

The weather as of late has had me riding the fixed gear rather than the fatty.  The trails are getting soft with the daytime temps now reaching near 40°F.  The back roads are getting sandy/muddy so the bike and I come home a mess after riding those.  It isn't me getting dirty that bothers me, but the constant wet sand sticking and grinding away at the bicycle...well that does. So Saturday, Monday and Tuesday had me on the fixed gear.   I will be ditching the studs shortly...I hope.  Maybe todays ride will be on the cross bike.  One thing about that fixed gear, going against the wind that we have had lately on our rolling terrain makes it a bit more interesting.  You can hear the studded tires in the above video.  The sound of frying bacon in a nice hot pan.  What can be bad about that.  Biking and Bacon!!
Isn't it a beauty?  No shifting of gears.  No ability to coast.  Just get on and pedal.  And, if you do not pedal, it will let you know.  So much fun to ride!
And speaking of beauty, I have been blessed to be able to ride during some fabulous snow falls this year.  These big fat flurries fell during Tuesdays ride.
As I pedaled by I see that the sun had melted from the southern exposure bank of the one of the rivers.  I picked that spot for lunch.
This above video shows the spot of Tuesdays lunch break.

Lets get outdoors and have some Fun!!

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