Friday, March 1, 2013

Enjoying Nature

 I recently made another trip to our neighboring township of Barnes to ski their Tomahawk Lake Ski Trail at the town park...linked here.  The last time I was here they hadn't finished grooming.  I wanted to get out here again and this was the day.  The skiing was great.  I now have skied and hiked them.  I think I may have to try bicycling them this summer.
 These are the groomers they use for the ski trails. These are pulled by a heavy duty snowmobile, 

 They first pull the the black roller on the right and then go over that with the blue/yellow unit to put the  track down.

 The above is the end result...a nice smooth area with two tracks laid down for classical skiing.  

 Along the trail are resting areas with benches supplied by the Eau Claire Lakes Conservation Club...linked here

 This is a nice little shelter along the trail. I decided to have my lunch here today...another PB/Honey on  multi grain.

 The birds look to be using it as shelter also.  I am guessing during the summer.

 I was the first track across since the drag.  Although I could see where people had skied before because of the indentations in the snow from taking a tumble.  There was more than one tumble that took place on this hill.

I must have worked pretty hard at it because the strap came loose on one of the poles...False, didn't work hard.  Just out enjoying nature on a great day.

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!


  1. Interesting post....Always good to get out in the great outdoors...mind you looking at the photos it really looks pretty cold!! Thanks for the post....


  2. That looks like fun. I've only done a little CC skiing, and I remember it was hard work. Good for you!