Thursday, April 4, 2013

Proof of Spring Still Springing

 If a person was keeping track of training miles, I do not think I could in good conscience count today's ride.  The ride was 21 miles in which I just meandered along weaving between the leaves that were blowing down the road.  I figured I was training for the opening of single tracking...yeah, that's it.
 The path leading down to the St Croix River on the Mail Rd has cleared up.  No snow bank to maneuver today.
The wind was blowing strong again today, as it has been lately, but this lunch spot was relatively calm. 
This is the water level gauge here at the bridge.  It will be rising.  When the water level gets higher on the stick, I will get the kayak out.

 The snowbanks are moving back and slowly, melting which makes these mini rivers flowing along the edge of roads. 
The above picture is of the Moose River and was taken two days ago.  The picture below is at the same spot. If you click the picture to magically blow them up, the difference is quite noticeable I think. Notice how the earlier picture has no snow and ice up against the bank and in today's pictures the ice is accumulating against the river bank.

The above two pictures are more proof of spring springing.
Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!

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