Monday, April 22, 2013

We Will Manage

 We were blessed with between 18 and 20 inches of snow on Friday.  It is looking like a very late spring here in northern WI... especially seeing how they are predicting 7 to 11 inches tonight. We will manage.

 The temperature rose today to right around the 50°F mark. I was overdressed today and needed to shed some clothing a little ways into the ride.

 I saw this little guy, or girl, Raccoon today.  It sure was nice of him/her to give me a break in middle of this little climb.

I suppose I could have just rode around around her/him, but seeing things like this is some of the reason I ride to begin with.  Ahhhhh, the snow just started as I am finishing this up.  Like I said before, we will manage.

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!


  1. I also have ALWAYS found ways to "be amazed" everytime I am outdoors.


  2. Wow...till more snow Eh..! Certainly is a late late spring for you guys...We are now having our first spell of decent sunny and warm weather..even managed to get out riding in jersey and shorts :-)