Wednesday, April 2, 2014


 Just some pictures and a quick blog. 

 Three pairs of critters in this picture...that we can see.

 Yep speed bump ahead and I kid you not, at the end of this row of trees, I took a digger. The only one of the day fortunately. I blame the speed bump! Even if it is under a couple feet of snow.

 This is the island below the Gordon Dam. There is a video of this on my facebook page.

 Upstream from the dam.  

 I rode a lot of snowmobile trail today.

 The recreational trails had a lot of ruts and under the recent little snow event was ice. SO, that made it for some sketchy riding today.  I stopped to let out some air.  I had recently had them pumped to 15lbs riding the back roads. I dropped them to 8 and that helped a lot, but probably should have gone lower.     

 Great day and no one on the trails...but me!

 It was nice to see some bare ground on a southern facing bank.  I decided to eat up half my lunch here.

 Man...what great fun!

 It is getting on to about 12:30 and the trails are starting to get a little soft in spots.

 Anyone who has been around Gordon as a youngster knows this spot!!

A couple Whitetails.  I think there were more a little farther back in the bush. I was out for 3 hours 35 minutes and it was fantastic!

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!


  1. Sweeeet! Every time I see that fat bike I suffer terrible envy. I'm really enjoying the general excitement around riding that's on all my favourite blogs right now... almost as fun as the riding itself. Almost.

  2. I agree with RANTWICK....That fat bike does look pretty sweet...