Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Yum Yumm

 Thought I would stop by the blog and load up a couple pictures from the last few days.  The above picture was from this last Sunday riding across the bird sanctuary located near Gordon, WI.

 This was from Saturdays ride taken near the Moose River.

 This picture was taken on Sundays ride looking upstream on the Moose.

 AND...the above picture is in the same place as the one above this one.  Does that make sense?  I hope so.  It is another Moose picture.  Sunday to Tuesday...big difference. Spring is on its way.

 The Sheosh. 

Tuesdays ride had me sitting and having lunch along Douglas County highway M.   With the temp near 50, the southern facing bank made it feel much warmer.  I could have easily taken a nap.  What was for lunch?  I am glad you ask, because it was delicious.  Natural organic peanut butter, homemade cranberry jelly and multi grain bread...yum yum!! 

Lets get outdoors and have FUN!!!


  1. Roger - Always enjoy your posts and photos even if I don't comment. Thanks for mentioning 30 Days of Biking back at the end of March and thanks for referring folks to my blog. I've been having fun documenting my rides each day. Things are really melting out there! Yay! Do you like chunky or creamy peanut butter?

    1. I go with the creamy...but I am a fan of peanut butter, so I could easily use either.

  2. BTW, have been meaning to ask - how do you get the orange border around your photos? Looks nice against the black background.

    1. I think...Design, template, customize, advanced and then you pick whatever colors you like for each thing. I use the simple layout...I think. :-)