Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Good 1

It was a nice evening for a ride despite a little mist now and then. The rain lately has begun to get old, as we have gotten 8 inches in the last two weeks...BUT...we need it, so bring it on. So a person has to dress a little different. Big deal.

The last few rides, the toe's would get a little chilled even with the toe covers. So, tonight was the first ride this fall using the neoprene booties. I had forgotten how heavy they are, but the feet were warm. Can't help myself, so more Tamarack pictures this time. Maybe we can get the sharing Tamarack story out of CAD.

It was the fixed again this evening.

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  1. OK, here it goes...

    Once upon a time, during a terrible winter storm, Chickadee was injured. The little bird struggled through the blowing snow until he stood at the foot of the tall Tamarack.

    "Please drop some of your lower branches to shelter me from the storm”, the Chickadee cried.

    The Tamarack refused. "I did not grow beautiful green branches to break them off for you.”

    So Chickadee, near death, went to the foot of the tall Red Pine.

    "Please drop some of your lower branches to shelter me from the storm”, Chickadee cried.

    Red Pine quickly dropped enough branches to shelter the little bird.

    The Great Spirit saw what happened and said to Red Pine, "From this day you will always drop your lower branches to remind others that you paid a high price so a Chickadee could live."

    The Great Spirit said to Tamarack, “Every autumn, your fine green needles will turn yellow and fall off. You will stand naked in the forest all winter, as a reminder that it is always better to be kind and merciful than it is to be vain and selfish."