Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tour de Color

Janice and I along with our daughter Lisa, rode the Tour de Color at Barron WI this last weekend. It is a charity ride with this years ride to benefit breast cancer. The girls did a shorter route while I rode the longest route they had available which was a 60 miler... but in my case it ended up to be 61 because of a wrong turn. At about the 48 mile mark, the route markers disappeared for 5 miles as a result of vandals. I was lucky and caught my error with the cue sheet early. Our Tour de Color garb
I felt good about the ride. It is known for having some hills and it did not disappoint. If you click for big, you will be able to see a rider in the distance that I talked to at the 53 mile mark. He asked me what I thought of the ride to which I responded that it was rather hilly. He then told me he was from the area, did a lot of riding and in this area there are a lot of hills and I quote "On this route, they hit em all."

Red Cedar River

I rode this at 61 miles...the ride time was 3:25 which works our to a good avg for me...but the overall time was 3:35 including the picture taking stops. I felt good with that time considering the hills we encountered. I reached a top speed of 52.4 on this ride...but a person tends to loose the speed rather quickly when you start the up side...and takes much l o n g e r.

The ride was on roads with very low traffic and featured a lot of farm land. It's Wisconsin...must have picture of cow.

There were not many people on this ride and I am afraid it may not go on much longer. It is a shame, as it was a good ride for a good cause.

And last but not least, a big Thank You to CAD for the Grand Marais write up on Monday.


  1. Looks like a beautiful ride. It's always nice to ride with your family, even if they didn't do the same route.

    You made very good time, especially with the hills.

  2. Very nice ride. It looks like it could be a good training route for higher elevations.