Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cabin Time

We wish you all a belated Happy New Year. We want to thank who ever may read this thing. We want to especially send a thanks to those who make a comment now and then. That is always nice.

We have had some family time at our family cabin these last few days. Our son Michael caught a nice Northern. We added some Crappies and had a nice dinner for the nine of us that were staying at the cabin. It is rare we have a freshly caught fish dinner. We only keep the fish we are going to eat and do not believe in the practice of putting fish in the freezer. 

And speaking of a freezer...Negative 30 degrees fahrenheit this morning...Ain't that great!!



  1. -21...Keep on fishin.


  2. We were skiing Heartwood today...nice little trail, not bad for 1 degree!

  3. nothing better than fresh fish!!!


  4. Great looking northern. They taste great too.

  5. -19.9 this morning...skiing this afternoon

    TOB...If that is the Heartwood off HWY 77...It is 4 miles from there to our cabin as the crow flies...straight south.

    Joboo and Big Oak...Fresh fish is one of my favorites also. Many people do not like Northern, but IMO, they are tasty indeed and are my parents favorite.

  6. That would be where we were--friends have a place on Long Lake. What a great area you're in!