Sunday, January 24, 2010

Light rain fell most of yesterday with 2 to 3 inches of wet snow this morning...still snowing too.  That put me back on the trainer for an hour this morning.  Whoooopie.  Next year though, it may be a custom made bike similar to a Surly Pugsley that this fellow is riding.  We will see.  It isn't bad to be outside today.  I have been out to shovel the deck, feed the birds, cleaned some snow from the garage roof and then had to plow it out of the way before it froze.  It isn't bad once you pry the butt from the comfy chair.  Speaking of sitting in the chair, I would imagine a lot of people will be doing just that, watching the football.  I will not be watching, and no I am not a Vikings fan, although I have many friends that are, so go Vikes. 

I was strong this morning. I kept looking in the mirror, but no one caught me. 


  1. Beautiful photos outside your window. Looks like a nice place to ride on your trainer, even with that guy in the mirror chasing you.

    I'd like to see the Colts and the Vikes in the Super Bowl. Of course, the Colts and Green Bay would be better. Maybe another year.

  2. Nice pictures. I did an hour on the trainer Sat. morning and plan to do another today. Our snow has melted but it's in the 20's with a strong northwest wind, so not on the road yet.