Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh Goodie!!!

Was it a nice ride tonight or what?   At about 15 miles, the temp around 45F with the wind from the northerly direction and best of all, no cars.  I did see one, but he turned on another road before we met.

I think it happens almost every year, the weather starts getting more like spring and then Whammmmy...calling for blizzard conditions with 8 to 16 inches of snow.  Great.  I hear they are already revising the forecast though, that and depending on which channel one listens to, who knows?  The Shadow knoooows. 


  1. An 81 degree half naked day here. Fans on still at 9:20pm. It is not unusual to go from heating to airconditioning in two days.

  2. Time to put the studs back on...


  3. Hardy souls who settled the upper Midwest. I would have kept going to CA.