Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Smile Ride

Guess who's turn it is with the EP Cycles prototype...if you guessed me, you guessed right.  This thing is amazing and I had loads of fun riding it this evening.

It was a 12.3 mile smile ride. 

With the 2 x 9 gearing, I didn't have to hike-a-bike any hills and never once got near the top gear.  The Sram XO shifters were smooth and crisp.

I rode some of everything tonight.  I had about a mile of this 2" of fluff snow on top of our now very hard crusty base...handled it well. 

This section of the ride was my favorite...the single track snowmobile trail.

Here I was riding on one of our snowmobile highways.  I didn't see anybody out on the trails tonight.   

The above photo is of my son and their dog Nitro.  Even though it is a little blurry because photography isn't my strong suit, it is good enough to see the smile on his face.  I am of the opinion that anybody that gets on this will have a smile.


  1. Ha Ha............ Awesome!!!!!!!
    Wait til things start to melt, you'll have another whole new riding experience!! The 4" tires will let you ride, when you wouldn't even think about it with 2.whatevers.

    The smiles will keep on a coming every time you throw a leg over your new custom "Fat" bike!!

    So how long till you each have your own?? ;))


  2. Oh Yeah! I'm smilin' cause you're smilin'. Man, that looks like fun!

  3. That looks like a lot of fun...
    I have never ridden a bike like that myself -I think that I am missing out.... !!


  4. I agree, that does look like fun. Enjoy!

  5. The material for 10 more is being ordered.

    You are all is fun. I think of big tire bikes as the ATV of bicycles. For anybody that hasn't ridden one, Joboo can attest to just how much fun they are. They are not fast...Just FUN ! ! !