Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mountain Bike Geocaching

Sorry about the absence as I haven't updated the blog in quite sometime.  I gave it a good rest and have decided I will give it a go for a while longer.  In that time I have picked up the geocaching hobby.  It was through reading Joboo that I one day decided to give this a try.
Earlier this week I loaded the mountain bike on the camper and headed for Minnesota's Nemadji State Forest for some caching.  This particular area is a power cache area, as the caches are very close together. The mountain bike worked great for this.
The Nemadji Forest is a fantastic area.  It has something for any outdoor enthusiast from ATV'ing and motorcycling to hunting and of course geocaching.  It was great.  I just picked one of the many little pull offs and set up camp.  While I was sitting in the camper eating supper one night, I glanced out the window to see two Gray Wolves (Timber Wolves) skirting my camp.  There must be a lot on them in this area as the roads were loaded with tracks.  Also saw this little fellow above risking life to cross the road, although its odds of getting hit here during the week was quite slim.

I added a new blog to the blog roll called Midwest Chronicles-Alaska to Wisconsin.  It has some very nice pictures along with some great write-ups...good reading indeed!!

Get outdoors and have some Fun!!!


  1. So, I'm sitting in front of my locker @ work, @WAY to early in the a.m. But ya know I've been doing it so long now, it doesn't faze me anymore, until I really think about it!! Lol
    Anyway, checking for new blog post updates, and come across this one of yours!!!! AWESOME!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!
    I'm glad you did finally decide to give caching a try!!
    Making road trips to do some caching, sounds like ya might be hooked??!! Lol
    Like I've said in the past, a pedal bike, unlimited amounts of time (you being newly retired), = hours of enjoyment!!!!
    Sounds like you're enjoying your new hobby, so in closing.... All I'll say is...... PEDAL ON!!! :)

    Peace, Joe

  2. Sounds like fun. And I think with wolves checking me out I'd rather be in a camper than a tent.

  3. Glad to read your new posts. Another good location recommendation. Would love to see some wolves. Have some great wolf watching back in Juneau. Just google "Romeo black wolf" to see some articles on a wild black wolf that Juneauites feel in love with. Now to find out where Nemadji State Forest is!