Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Smack Down Plug

 This past weekend we had a baptism for our son and his daughter in waters of Deer lake.  I decided to ride down and back.  It is a 31 mile one way trek by road bike as I like to stay on blacktop.  It was a good ride both ways.  Fall in the air.  A little wind.  Very little traffic.  All adds up to some great riding.  

 A resurfacing company must have had a special running this summer.  Several of the local roads have been worked on.  They coat the road with some sort of tar.

 After the tar, these little pebbles go down.  One must be careful while riding this stuff.  It will not be bad after it is all set up and the extra little rocks are off the roadway, but for now, watch it.  Especially on the corners.  

 Nice to still see some water in the little potholes that dot the area.

The leaves, they are a changing.  Which means it is time for http://www.rantwick.com/search/label/2012%20Autumn%20Tree%20Smackdown
Click the above link for details!! 
One can not win unless one enters.

Lets get outside and have some fun!!


  1. Sniff. Sniff. I love you man!

    Seriously, thanks for the plug!

  2. Roger, Good idea to make a bike ride out of it. I don't know what that stuff with the pebbles is called, but I hate it, especially when you're on a downhill and can't go fast.

  3. I like the idea of the ceremony taking place outside. Pretty cool. A lake no less. I also like that you celebrated by riding there and back.