Monday, September 24, 2012

Sanity Validated

 I was out for a nice ride this afternoon.  Fall colors are on the way here in Northern Wisco. 

 It was a bit windy here today, so just to add some validity to some that know me and question my sanity, I rode just over twenty miles one way against the wind to ride a road I hadn't bicycled before. That should make them feel better.

 This was the road.  To give them even more ammo for questioning my sanity, it's just over a mile long.   hehe

 But for me it paid off, as found this little lake access I never knew existed.  It looks like a great place to cool off in the mid-summer heat. I had driven this road by auto a few times, but didn't see this gem.  The bicycle pays off again.

There were a lot of Woolly Bear caterpillars out today.  Sure sign of fall.  They say these can predict the winter.  Something about counting the segments of brown.  If the brown segments are over one third...ah who knows.  Just folklore.

HEY...somebody mowed the airport. No planes here today though.

Lets get outside and have some fun!!


  1. I'd ride straight into the water.

  2. Chalk up another one for the self propelled. Always nice to find a gem. I love the old time forecasting. Based on observation of nature. My neighbor says, "Songbirds left too soon,earlier.,cooler than normal fall" Nice ride and post RL

  3. Nothing better than a little 2-wheeled exploring!

  4. As you say 'the bicycle pays off again'. You do really see so much more if you travel by bike.....