Thursday, September 13, 2012

Great Day

 It is getting that time of year here in the north of Wisconsin.  Those who claim they know say the leaves will change and drop fast this year because of the recent drought we have been in.  I am thinking they are right. 

 I know it has been a while so I thought I drop some pictures and a little narrative about the ride today.  Everything from canoeing to hiking to vacationing to spending time at the cabin and still getting in the miles on the bike has made the summer go very quickly.  

 The ride today had me riding through what the locals call the Bird Sanctuary.  This is an area of about 4000 acres that is managed for sharp-tailed grouse.   

 The wind can blow here.

 My wife and I meet for lunch often and today it was here.  

 She usually stops at a local cafe, Kd's Family Restaurant, and picks up a special of the day and we split it.  I don't know how anybody can eat a whole one for lunch.  This is slightly more than half.  Food pictures are good. Aren't they?  And after all, it was a 31 mile ride. was me...with my typical go fast hair cut.  hehehe

 New blacktop for a short ways on the North Flowage road.

 When I came by here it reminded of good friend that drove off this corner years ago.  He made a nice little path into the woods and was fine, but the real nice mid 60's Buick Riviera didn't fair so well.  

 Cross the water and through the bush from here it is about 2 miles home.  Seeing how I am a mere mortal I needed to take the road...13 miles around the west end.

 I crossed paths with the North Country Trail a few times today.  It is a gem stretching 4600 miles across seven states.  I feel lucky to live close to this.
 These poor flowers were hanging on for dear life in the wind today. 

 A new bridge crossing the Moose River for the North Country Trail.  

Here I sat reflecting on just how great life is.
Thank you all for reading!

Lets get outdoors and have some FUN!!

PS...If read this Road...I am signed up.


  1. Since you didn't take the obvious opportunity to plug my contest (sniff, wimper) I will do it for you:

    Don't let those early foliage changes slip by without snapping a picture for the Third Annual Rantwick Autumn Tree Smackdown!

    Done, and thanks for letting me shamelessly use your comment section.

  2. Looks like a perfect day to me. Minus the wind of course.
    Oh, and I have yet to meet a meal I couldn't finish. My bulging rear tire proves that.

  3. I'm a little sad to see summer ending quickly also.

    That is some beautiful country up there!

  4. The only thing better than looking at pictures of food is eating the stuff....By the way I have the same go fast haircut that you have..!!
    Great images...


  5. That area looks familiar :-)

  6. Rantwick...Next time and I will try to get it done before the leaves are completely gone. hehehe I am so inept.

    Darin...Truth be told, I could eat it all too.

    Big Oak...I am also sad to see summer go. The time goes so quickly.

    Trevor...Food is one of my very favorite things. The older I get the more enjoy eating a good meal, and the less time it takes to get my go fast cut.

    Anonymous...aka ML...Guessing there must be a reason it's familiar to you.

  7. Uncle Go Fast, the leaves are changing fast here too! (For those of you who don't know me, I'm his niece & we live in Denver) Especially in the High Country. Hoping to be heading up there for some good photos before the roads close up to the 14'ers for the winter. I'll post some on Facebook Tuesday if we go. It's Jonathan's big 3-0 on Monday & we will be getting to spend the day together. Love to read your blogs! I've missed them lately. :-)
    You've got me thinking about that bike ride ... Thinking. Lol
    That food looks nummy! :-)
    Hugs to Aunt Janice. Love you both!