Friday, November 9, 2012

Riding the 9:ZERO:7

Even though the weather is what they called "blustery," I made it out on an inaugural ride on the new bike in the stable.  Blustery isn't bad.  It was actually nice to be out.  

I rode some rut trails as well as some sand roads.  After I loaded up the pictures, I realized I snapped no pictures of the sand roads.  To me, the sand roads are especially interesting in the morning.  The tracks from the previous night and early morning activity show easily. I am of the opinion that there is a lot more going on than most people realize, and seeing the tracks is only a fraction of it. The trail cams we have out give proof to that. 

The bars on this ride are 750mm wide, wide.  This is also the first time I have used Ergon grips.  This setup feels great.

 More trail. 

 I had decided on the centered 170mm 9:ZERO:7 because I still have another fatbike in the works that will also be centered.  The frame, wheels and some of the other components came from Penn Cycle & Fitness in Blaine, MN.  They were the closest dealer of the 9:ZERO:7 to me, so that is where I went.  I did most of the planning over the phone with Brian.  He was great to deal with and would recommend him to anyone that is interested.  His input was great, he returned my calls promptly and also called with the progress of where parts were in the order process.  This one I built up with a 3 x 10 drive train with 82mm rims.  It still has room and with some minor modifications can also run the really fat 100mm rims. I am no wrench, but Steve at Penn Cycle is, and he too is great to deal with.  I had all the tools with the exception of a fork cutting guide, so I had them cut the fork, install the headset, and build the wheels.  Well, I guess my previous post shows that.  I have a few minor details to work on yet, but I am happy with how it turned out. 

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!

PS...As always, thanks for reading and your comments.  :-) :-)


  1. That Bike Is SWEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Looks great!, enjoy your new bike, loads of fun to come...

    I too ride 750mm bars and Ergons, with the stubby ends. The grips do a great job of supporting your wrists. loads of control on rocks etc with the big bars.

    I will eventully be heading towards an inline 170mm fat frame set up with 80mm rims, 3.7" tyres and a 50mm Rabbit hole 29er wheelset,
    two bikes in one, but keeping the purple pug for keeps sake -:)

  3. Looks great. Have fun on it this winter. In our neck of the woods, the wide bars provide loads of control when the snow gets really greasy. Last month I upgraded my original purple pug with new wheels that include 82mm Rolling Darryls. Can't wait for snow!

  4. Agreed, that bike is sweet! I bet you can ride that through anything.

  5. RL- I like your thoughts on early mornings on back roads. A story for sure. Deer. Turkeys. Coyotes. A lone rider getting their life in order.

  6. Looks like you went for a great ride on a great ride.
    Are you able to ride directly from your house? I think I'd ride my mukluk quite a bit more if I didn't have to drive to get to any decent woodsy loops.

  7. Coastkid...I thought the wide bar and Ergons were great. With all your fat tire experience with what you eventually plan on building makes me feel good about this build.

    Doug...It is very nice to hear from you and I hope things are going well for you and the Mrs.

    Jeff...I might wish for the gears on this to be on my road bike come August. lol

    Scott...We are like you, blessed with a lot of wildlife.

    Darin...I am able to ride right from the house. I live in what some may call the sticks. We have property surrounded by miles of county forest, which is good except for this time of year when the hunters invade. Most are good, but some are...

  8. Sweeet...I like the handle bars as they provide options for hand placement so as not to get tired on those long rides.


  9. CAD...So far so good. I think the grips are great! Jump in...lets go!!

  10. Very nice ride, love the orange!