Friday, November 2, 2012

Taking it's First Breath

Quick post.  A couple people had requested pictures.  No turning back now!! I am waiting on the custom EP Cycles frame, so in the mean time I am building this up.  I had originally thought it would take a couple months at the least, but I have what I think is everything on order but brake cables. I didn't go top shelf, but I think it will be nice.  

It is very lightly clamped just to get the post on order.  I have 3 posts, but none the right size and I didn't feel like looking for shims.  I am thinking it's going to be great fun!!

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!


  1. Nice!!!!!!
    Love love the orange!!
    Good for you!!

  2. You mother ^&%&#$#ing piece of &^%!@^&*# donkey riding *(&^$# dirt *&^%$#!

    I hate you so much. Like crazy so much.

    Please accept the preceding vitriol for what it is, pure envy, you *&^&^$ proud owner of a self-built fat *&^%$#&^ bike!

  3. Very styling! Love those rims:)

  4. I love it...the colour is great!!
    It's not a bike for me, but I think it certainly spells a lot of future fun.
    I look forward to seeing the build come to fruition.


  5. Looks good!
    Now if we can just get some of that white stuff.

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Joboo...Reminds me of a car my uncle had. Orange and Black Super Bee. Wish I had that now.

    Rantwick...I accept your compliment with pride.

    None...Little extra for the rims, but I like them.

    Trevor...In the area I ride, I can see this getting some use. We have sand...lots of sand. hehehe

    Darin...For me, some is the key word here.

  7. RL_ Great title of the post. Creativity. Giving life. To both you and the bike. Awesome. So cool you're building it. I like that you're not going top shelf. Like the Super Bee. It was about power. Muscle. It looks really sharp. I agree, I think you're going to have a blast.

  8. It looks great! Now you just need to hook up the electrodes and wait for a stormy night to animate it. It's alive!