Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Riding the Namekagon Barrens

We woke up this morning to some fog and when the fog lifted, we had a nice covering on the trees.  As I looked out the window the question came to mind..."Where do I ride today?"

I had scoped out Fat-bike riding the Namekagon Barrens last week and today was the day.

The ride today took me into three different Northwest Wisconsin counties.  I had to chuckle when I read the sign above.  Class B highway...hehehe  You would have to know the road.  Highway does not fit!!

The Namekagon Barrens is a wildlife area that is in excess of 5000 acres.  It is just what it says...Barren.  And then some more actually, because there is nothing but wild land for miles bordering most of it.  That means with the combination of public forest land and the barrens itself, it equals miles and miles of bush out here.  This link will take you to more information of this gem.  

This was the lunch spot today. It is called Clemens Creek Pond.

I tried to load a video of the lunch spot but Blogger was not cooperating.  This is a picture heavy post already, so we will see.

The sand is starting to show on some areas.  That is a good sign spring is on the way.  Also a note of good news in my opinion is that Daylight Savings starts in LESS than TWO weeks.  

Signs to get your Barrens.  :-)

I am not sure, but I may have had relatives that attended the school this sign references.  I am thinking so.  Hard to believe there was a school here.  As I said before, this is out in the bush.

I was surprised by the size of some of the hills I rode today...against the wind no less.

I picked up the snowmobile trail and rode that for a ways also.  It was good riding and I met no snowmobiles.  Actually I rode for almost 3 hours today and saw 5 snowmobiles and one truck when I was less than a quarter mile from the finish point.  Great riding today is an understatement.

I will try another video.  This is riding the snowmobile trail.  The temperature rose to about 40°F today and we had a strong ENE wind.  We are expecting mild temperatures for the next week, so the snow will be diminishing along with the Fat-bike conditions. That will be OK though.  I have other bikes to ride and trails to walk. 

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!

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  1. Pretty sweet. Thanks for that, it almost feels like I got out of the office...