Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hard to Forget Rides

 I had some geocaches I wanted to drop off, so what better mode of transportation than the Fatty. It was the first time on the Fat-bike since the snow has gone.  I had cleaned and lubed it before I left this morning and you would never had guessed it when I returned.  The bike and I were coated with a gooey slippery nasty crud.  I was out for 4 hours 6 minutes today. I dodged rain showers, rode some nice hard packed trail, some not so hard packed trail, ate a quick lunch I had packed and had a blast!  Hard to forget rides like this.

 All is good here...smooth sailing.  Just enough ruts and mud to keep it interesting.

 This was the reason for riding the Fat-bike, because there is no driving this road. 

 Skirting the edges of the soft stuff. 

Still able to ride the edge here. we are getting serious. Get up some speed, not too much...just right.  Now get the right gear.  Don't quit and squish right through.

 Now this one is a little deep.  I barely made this one.  Toes were lapping water and the bottom of these do not have a hard bottom. But once committed, there was no turning back.  I was surprised I made all of these without stalling out. But I was barely moving towards the end of this one.

 The creeks and rivers are slowly coming down from the spring run off.

I think this bridge will require some work in the near future.  If you sneak a peak and peer in the hole, you can see clear to the creek. Not good.   

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!

PS...As always, thanks for reading and commenting.

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