Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Been Awhile

Yep...still riding!  Earlier this month, we traveled to the Minneapolis, MN to ride a charity ride. This one was the Tour de Cure. It is a ride to help fight diabetes. I enjoy this ride not only because it is for a good cause but also because of the route.  It rides the trails and bike paths of the St. Paul/Minneapolis area and because of that, it is like nothing I usually ride.  My rides are mostly in the sticks of up north WI...quiet roads, dirt roads and mountain bike trails.  I am amazed at the trail system they have there.  It is fantastic.  It seems as though there are trails everywhere. It's all that and also a great group of friends I do this ride with.

 Today had me riding carbon.  When I reset the computer on it, I noticed I haven't rode this bike for two years.  I know I had good intentions last summer, because I remember getting it ready to ride...must not have though. The trip computer had the last ride at 146 miles and I remember that ride and it was almost two years ago.  So today, it was three of my sisters delicious cookies and hit the road.  Felt like a rocket ship, although I know better.  Must have been the fuel the cookies provided.  Oh, and only 31 miles today.

 I have always though this area looked like a nice area to throw a canoe or kayak in and fish.

 If a person does fish here, might want to be careful.  These plants are Poison Ivy...more info linked here.  We have a lot of that around here and I think a lot of people do not identify it correctly. Or, confuse it with other plants.  But either way, you do want to avoid it.

Up stream from the Poison Ivy is the remnants of where the road used to go.

I also have had the Fat-bike out a couple times.  In the photo above I was riding some of the CAMBA single track near Hayward, WI.  The Fat-bike is fun on the single track, but it will not replace the Anthem mountain bike.  Next time single tracking will be on the Anthem.

I now tell myself..."see, that didn't take so long to load a blog post."  I don't know why, but I sometimes get to where when I do spend time on the computer, I just do not find it in me to do the whole blog thing.  I don't think it's a bad thing, but I do enjoy it.  Now off to catch up on others...Thanks for reading!!

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!

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  1. Thanks for the PI info...The kids and I can now verify where we last biked.