Monday, June 17, 2013


This past weekend I loaded up the backpack with some geocache goods and a lunch.  I set out to get some exercise, empty some of the contents, have a good time and I succeeded all.  I had a friend comment on the orange bike and the camo clothing not making a lot of sense.  hehehe   Clashing one might say.  The bugs, mosquitoes and wood-ticks are very thick now...especially where I was at today.  The clothes I am wearing here are light weight Russell Outdoor brand camo from Gander Mountain treated with Permetrin.  I also put a little bug dope on my exposed skin. I rode down some grassy trails along with walking through a few miles of bug/tick infested territory.  At the end of the day...NO ticks and as an added bonus, the bugs didn't bother me either.  This is a great set up for exploring the bush!  I only saw one vehicle all day, although I did see where one other had left tracks while was off the bike walking the woods.  

A sliver truck pulled up just as I was getting back on the bike.  The passenger snapped this picture.  They had tracked me from where I got on the dirt road about 9 miles back wondering what the heck was making the track in the they knew.  Tracks were easy to see from the previous days rain.  I think they were looking for bear and other creatures, but they came upon me.  hehehe  It was very nice to visit with them and she later made contact with me to see if I wanted the picture.  Yep, I do.  So, Thanks to Cindy for the great photo!! 

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!

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